FAO Amy & Ruby

OMG just read the website suggestions, which I personally think is a great idea.

WTF is wrong with some people no wonder you felt so upset hun extra hugs coming your way some people are just rude & dont think before they speak.

Behind you 100% xxxxxx


  • I'm with you on that laujai, I've just read it and it really upset me :cry: so I can imagine how upset you are hunni.

    I'm completely with you too

  • Thank you Laujai, and rainbow too.

    I just really didn't expect it! I was speechless and my heart was racing so can you imagine how pathetic I would be if someone said that to me face to face!

    Let's hope the WedEd gives it the go ahead, I think it would be a really successful forum and attract more people to the site who are looking for such a forum. Infact I think they should give me royalties too! Ok well maybe that's asking a bit much.

    Thank you again and sorry it's upset you too rainbow xx
  • Sorry for being dim but what is website suggestions? x x
  • go onto forum index, it's right down at the bottom after the due in and born ins, but be warned if you read the whole post you'll get very angry and defensive of our girl, I did!!
  • Lol at gemgems! xx
  • Hi,Just wanted to let you know I think its a great idea and can't believe the response. xx
  • I think it is a great idea. I have no idea how it is for people who have oh's or husbands in the armed forces, but it can't be easy. My MIL mentioned it was very lonely on occasions. (her husband was in the armed forces and with three children I can imagine it must have been lonely on occasions)
  • Oh Amy & Ruby you have nothing to apologise for, must admit I was very suprised by the respose your suggestion got, I just can't quite believe it to be honest!

  • The thing is there are lots of girls on BE who's men or family members are in the army!!!

    I just told oh about it cause it wound me up big time didnt even read the whole post!!! xxx
  • it was pretty disgraceful what was written hey?x:evil:
  • Oh my god, i'm shaking with anger and crying at same time.

    What is wrong with peopl ethat they don't have a shred of compassion. This coming fom a lady whose baby was very recently seriously ill in hospital. You'd hope there would be a little more sensitivity about how precious our loved ones are.

    A&R I can't imagine the pure dread you have everytime your hubby goes to work. For this reason your forum suggestion is a brilliant idea.

    If it wasn't for the armed forces god knows what state we'd be in right now.

    I think your hubby is amazing and I think you are amazing too!

    Bog off meanies - I put it down to sleep deprivation! xx
  • PMSL at sleep deprivation!! Well said MP.

    I wonder what is wrong with everyone today generally these sort of arguments happen few & far between!!

  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Thank you MP! xxx

  • Hi hun,

    Just read that thread and my mouth literally dropped open and I gasped out loud at her comments - WTF!!!!

    I think it is a great idea hun xx
  • Thank you MrsH! Hopefully WebEd will agree xx
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