First af after D&C?

I know this has been asked before but cant find the posts.
Just really want to know what af was like after D&C or mc?
I had D&C 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Today I have had a little spotting. I thought I had ov pains last sunday but now not so sure. I do keep thinking if it was ov pains this could be implantaion bleeding but have no idea and prob clutching at straws.

Any experiences would be grateful xxx


  • Hi hun,

    I had a natural mc 6 weeks ago and my first AF started last Monday. It started off as brown discharge for about 4 days and then it came really heavy clots and all. I had to take the day off work it was that heavy! And it still is now on cd8! I'd say the bleeding is as heavy as my mc but now without the clots. I did have some pretty painful cramps too throughout cd1-4.

    Hopefully it's implantation for you but if not at least your cycles seem to be straight back as it took mine 5 weeks.

    Good luck hun
  • hi hun, i got my first a/f 2.5weeks after d&c which i thought was strange as i was told it would come about 4-6 weeks after.
    anyway, it was only light, started off as spotting, had one day of light bleeding and then another spotting day. All in all, 3 days and very light. I was told it was because there's less to shed after d&c.
    Hope yours is as friendly! x
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