4 days and counting.....!!!!

hey everyone, thought i would start a cycle post in here for the ladies that have made the brave choice to start ttc again. this is our first month after 2 mc so i thought we could all support each other through the cycle??
***sending lots of babydust to you all***

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  • Hi there I am CD7 today AF finished on Monday so we are starting BD tonight. I,ve had some very light spotting yesterday and today hardly anything but pink tinge when I wipe every so often. Not sure what this is maybe just end of AF or maybe that's how things are to be from now on. Anyway hubby goes on a bike holiday on Sunday so not much chance this month unless I have early OV
  • I'm cd3! This is my 2nd cycle after my mc.

    Good luck us!!
  • I was on CD4 yesterday, so yes! This is also my 2nd cycle after the mc, but I'm away on holidays for most of my TTCing time this month, so I may not be posting very often, till nearer the 2ww...

    Baby dust to all!
  • hey all, so cd5 and cant wait to get using my cbfm this month!! still feeling i bit scared of the outcome but i am praying for very sticky beans for us all this month, any1 got some spare pma?!!
  • Hey... its good but also sad that theres quite a few of us starting to TTC atm, but hi everyone!!

    I'm on CD8, had a really light AF and gonna start BD tmrw night CD 9. I'll be on hols for a week too from sunday so won't be posting but will update when back. Hoping to BD like crazy while on hols and will hit Ov time!

    Sally, I'm scared too, its our first month ttc and while I can't wait to be pg again, am scared if it does happen that everything wont be ok or MC happen again and all those awful things, but guess its only natural for what we've been through. You've got your CBFM so are giving it the best shot you can!!

    Loadsa luck and babydust girls!! xx
  • hey, i'm about cd 8 or 9 and ttc after my mmc almost 11 months ago! can't remember what cycle i'm on as it's all a bit random after a mmc! but ********baby dust******** to all of us! xx
  • hey rocky, how long are you cycles usually? i am hoping to be tesing around 5 or 6th of july, seems agesssssss away!!! good luck to you and sorry about your mmc xxxx
  • they used to vary from 32-35 days but straight after my mmc they were very long, 52 the first one i think, they gradually got shorter,but the last few months have been all over the shop with mid cycle bleeds etc, have now been referred to a gynae thank god! xx
  • Hi all I am CD 10 today everything going as it should had my first normal AF five days with two days of spotting and started BD on CD7 also CD9 and tonight but hubby goes away for six nights after that so we may miss OV been doing tests and still no smiley face I have been getting them early but now I am back on a normal cycle I may OV around 15 or 16 and hubby not home till CD 17 keeping fingers crossed I have a late smiley face then we can still try this month if not I am just really happy I am back to normal and have a real chance of a B F P soon x
  • hey ladies!!
    used my cbfm this morning, first test of the month and still low fertlity, ok with it tho as its still early in my cycle.
    3054- dont loose faith these bfp's come when we least expect it! i no what you mean aswell, it is nice to know that things are back to normal and that we have another chance.
    how is everyone else doing?
    sending you all lots of babydust xxx
  • CD13 today and still negative OV test, really keeping everything crossed that I dont OV until CD17/18 so hubby will be back home. Dont know why but I am full of PMA........ probably because this is first month since MMC that we are actually TTC again, being back to normal knowing that it could happen........ probably wont be be so positive if I dont see a BFP soon........

    Sorry for TMI but I have lots of white creamy CM, not stretchy, just white and creamy, this is not a sign of OV is it? Is OV clear and stretchy?

    Sticky baby dust to you all x x image
  • That sounds like it might be OV although you never can tell for sure!

    I'm feeling totally the opposite this month, no PMA image We fell pg first time using withdrawal method but bloody mc ruined it all! So was hoping we might fall pg first month this time (silly me)! I'm now month 2 and no PMA!

    My MC has ruined the whole ttc experience for me, i just want a BFP NOW PLEASE!!!! (That feels better image )

    I'm cd9 and i'm getting highs on cbfm but i reset it so it's learning my cycles again. Just waiting for peak and hubby won't know what's hit him!

    Good luck ladies
  • GGGGRRRRRHHHHHH..... just been on the phone to hubby, was explaining to him that I was hoping that OV stayed away until he got home on Saturday and then he told me that he doesn't actually get home until Sunday afternoon, which will be CD18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure I wont OV before then.............. Oh Well I think I may as well sets my sights onto next month, will keep OV testing just to see when I get a smiley face so I can work my cycle out properly........................ MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  • 3054, ur not alone wih havin a stressful month, i dont think i am going to ovulate at all this month, cd11 and still low fertility on my cbfm, ususally ALWAYS getting highs by now on the monitor. so think i am going to be looking forward to next month also. you may get lucky tho hun, did you do your ov test yet for today? xxx
  • I am also on CD 11 after trying for a little over a year. We have tried SMEP, preseed, SMEP with preseed, every other day for an entire cycle 4 times, but nothing. I have just started tracking cervical changes and cm last month, and it seemed like I didn't even ovulate last month. So here I am again...still....just praying that we all get our bfps. This was a great idea! Thanks image
  • Oh how annoying 3054! You may still catch though. Always worth a bonk on Sunday afternoon LOL!

    Blessed beauty have you been to see your gp? He will see you now you've been trying over a year and may be able to check if your ov'ing.

    Good luck
  • Hi everyone, i'm on CD15 today and just got a smiley face on CBD ovulation stick!! It's our first month of ttc since our mmc in Apr and i'm now so excited but also a little nervous. We fell pg straightaway last time so i'm now dreading this 2ww as I know how gutted i'll be if I don't get a bfp! My hubby and I are both in the RAF and are stationed apart so only get to see each other at the weekend, however at the moment i'm on shift and am at home (just at the right time!) so roll on the bd'ing for the next couple of days!!
    Good luck to everyone ttc'ing xx
  • that billiaint kwn, you are home just at the right time, maybe its meant to be! sending lots of babydust your way!!
    if anyone has some spare PMA that would be great as no loner feeling very positive about this month image xxx
  • Just after some advice girls please, still no smiley face on CB OV test, CD14 today, don't get me wrong I don't really want one until CD18 as hubby is away, but today I have had loads of white creamy CM, I mean lots!!!!!!!!

    Is this a sign of OV or not, I thought OV was supposed to be clear and stretchy, mine is not stretchy at all. For those of you who have had a smiley face, what other symptoms did you get with OV?
  • hi 3054.. I think that the creamy white stuff comes before the strethcy clear mucas. once it comes out clear and stretchy that is when your cervix is ready for sperm to swim through with no problems. when its runny and sticky it helps the sperm swim more effectively.

    I been reading up a lot on this can you tell LOL..

    good luck and baby dust for everyone. image

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