Anyone here the news on the radio about TTC after MC?

I thought it was quite interesting and i've just looked at the article online.

Basically they are saying, all that crap doctors tell us about waiting after mc is rubbish. As long as the woman in emotional and physically ready, there is no need to wait, and they are even saying that women who conceive within 6 months of mc are the most likely to have a healthy pregnancy.
It also lowers the risk of the need for a caesarean and other factors too.

The only expections are if you have an infection.

So there we go, no need to worry about whether we are trying too soon, go for it!!!



  • What interested me about that research, is that apparently the World Health Organisation have always said that you should wait 6 months following mc, and it is that bit of WHO advice that this research is correcting, not the wait till you've had your first bleed following the mc, that most UK midwives and docs advise.

    The downside of this research is that it puts even more pressure on those that have not been lucky enough to fall pg again within 6 months... and if you read more about other research by the same University in 2008, you may just want to give up!

    At the end of the day, do what you want to do, and ignore everything else, unless you have specific medical advice...
  • There is so much conflicting advise out there and one doctor says something different to another. I think as long as you are ready you shouldn't be told when you can and can't ttc.
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  • Yes I saw this on the news be honest I agree pretty much with what's been said already by other posters and that I'm a believer that it will happen when its meant to happen and if your body if ready for it. To be honest I don't think I even ovulated in the cycle immediately following ERPC. But also agree that it can put pressure on those who are not lucky enough to conceive again within the 6 months as now there is no proof IYSWIM. On this site there is proof that some can get pregnant straight after and also proof that some won't - each person is individual so these studies can only be a guide I think.
    Anyway must go....viewer for our house should arrive any moment now!
    Take care
    Sue x
  • Hi everyone, I seen this on BBC Breakfast this morning. I think its interesting but still feel that everyone should be treated on an individual basis. As like the other girls have said some women get pregnant straight away as they ovulate and some women can take longer. Im personally glad that my midwife and doctor said try straight away as its helped me get through losing my baby in May. I have had complications with this baby but they have assured me its nothing to do with my previous miscarriage.
    I think everyone should try when they are ready physically and emotionally.

  • I dfidnt see this but its interesting and im in the same opinion as everyone else its individual choice....whenever your ready there is no pressure and it isnt always easy as some of u lovely ladies know! Anyways its always fun trying :P xxx
  • I love research that contradicts NHS guidelines, my doctor couldn't tell me enough to wait and i did panic like hell when i got my BFP so this is good news for someone like me who had a stupid doctor!

    Just goes to show the NHS generally create guidelines that cover there own back as opposed to based on research!

    Very interesting findings i think!
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