please stop me... updated

... from testing! eak, i'm a max of 12dpo today but counting it as 11dpo and i so have the urge to test! I wouldn't do it without FMU so hoping i have enough willpower to pee quick and not do it!!! EAK! This is the first month (as some of you know!) since feb where i've ov'd! and have only had mild ss since about 9 dpo, no realy symptoms, other than my (.)(.) feel slightly fuller and bloated today and spots!!! however there could be a number of reasons for the latter 2 and with the (.)(.) i remember the 1st cycle after my mmc convincing myself because of this 'symptom' when it turned out i wasn't at all and have since noticed that they do feel fuller before AF, however i don't think they normally do this early... maybe AF is going to show her uglyness early... that'd be just the topping on the cake with all the problems i've had! GGRRRR, sorry rambling now. How's everyone else getting on in the 2ww??? xx

UPDATE - CD1 for me image not feeling too bad actually, have got to the point where i know it'll happen when my body's ready. would've been nice though!!! just hoping now that i ov this cycle too! Bitch however arrived during a morning upsi, cow bag! lol. ho hum, good luck for the rest of you!!!! xx

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  • Ok go pee quick. I know I cave very early but it is best to wait.
    Im 4DPO and im not too bothered yet. Obviously no symptoms yet and not looking for any.

    Lots of luck hun xxx
  • Did you pee quick hun??

    Got everything crossed for you chick, even my legs LOL!!! xxx
  • Did you test sweetie? If you can try and hold out, I know it's hard but if you can I would (though I never could :lol: )

  • hey guys, erm... i posted it at like 5pm so haven't had to try and avoid yet! lol, i've now however decided that i'm imagining my (.)(.) lol, i didn't get any signs with my last bfp until i was about 25 dpo! well i had spots and AF type niggles but soon learnt there was another reason for these! at 25dpo my(.)(.) were def fuller which was why i tested! lol, im SO bored of waiting!

    yes rainbow you are a fine one to talk! ha ha, how are things?

    hey laujai hun, how are you to? thanks hun, i'm really hoping this is our month! i think ive been very good and deserve it personall! ha ha ha. xxx

  • Hi again, so exciting that we are both back at this stage again, quite a relife!!!!!! I am 7 DPO and I have made a pact with a few others not to test until the 8th of July when I will be 15DPO........ 8 days left to wait.

    Really hope you get a lovely BFP x
  • hey hun, oohhhh you're not far behind me!!! oh god, there's no way i could wait till then! lol. xx
  • To be honest it is going to be a struggle, but have no tests in the house so will just have to wait.

    Have you had any symptoms?
  • i thought mt (.)(.) were feeling fuller, but not convinced though, spots for def! but could be the heat, and bloated but that could be any reason!!! and this eve i'm feeling hungry even though i've eaten... hhhmmmm most likely all in my head as i didn't get any last time! or not that i noticed (other than spots!) until about 24dpo!!!! you? xx
  • Me too, didn't get any symptoms at all last time, till about a week after my BFP.

    I have had some twinges really low down, in uterus area and some heart burn, which has been on and off for about three days now...... only small amount but I never get it normally.

    Dont really want to SS, but just cannot help it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When are you going to test?
  • Rocky and 3054, I really hope you have BFP's, I really do!! (((hugs))) xxx
  • Sat is the earliest i think, cus of the gig i want to know if i can drink one or two. kind of feel as though i've had slight/dull AF cramps today.and i'm now thinking that my (.)(.) are a lil bit fuller but just a tiny tiny amount,, lol. ARGH! TTC is ahrd enough with out all this SS!

    Hey FairyT! thanks very much hun! xx
  • PS i also went for my morning pee without eveing thikning about testing! yay! xx
  • Good for you...... Best of luck for Saturday hope it is a lovely BFP!!!!!

    This morning I have been up since six as I felt sick. Twice been over the toilet retching..... Don't want to set myself up for a fall though. CD 29 today expecting AF on CD35.:roll:
  • ooohhh good luck 3054! pretty sure i'm out, 12/13dpo today and have had pinky cm about an hour ago image oh well at least i ov'd so thats a good start!!! xxx
  • Dont rule anything out yet chick, I felt like AF was coming & have had that feeling on & off all the way through!!! Im 19+3 & still get the odd twinge!!!

    Fingers crossed lovely xxx
  • oh Ive got EVERYTHING crossed for you Rocky x good luck hun x x

    good luck too 3054

    I really, really hope I see your BFP's post in the next few days

    x x x
  • Good luck rocky!! I hope so much you get your bfp, can't wait to find out xx
  • I am joining in on the stop me testing..... its getting harder every day!!!!!
    No change really, not felt so sick today, just a tiny bit this morning, but nothing like yesterday. No hearburn either. beginning to think I was making up any symptoms I had...................

    My PMA is getting lower, really dont feel any different, got some feelings today like AF is coming....... expecting her any time now, I am CD30 today she shouls show her face on CD34.........

    I am on knicker watch........ I was so positive yesterday, dont know where my PMA has gone???????????????

    How are you today?
  • Is being windy a pg symptom? I haven't stopped burping for about three days now (sorry tmi)!!!!!!!:lol:
  • It is sat now Rocky, are you gonna test today? Or did af arrive? I am keeping everything crossed for you.
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