had to go back to the hosp for my 48 hr bloods this morning and it was just awful :\( i had to go to the ward where all the new mums are and was pretty much taken into a cupboard and stabbed at...2 nurses tried 3 times to get blood and couldn't, i ended up lying on a bed in tears with holes in my arms and still no blood sample taken...they then had to call for a doctor to get it out the back of my i then had more waiting round while they got a doctor to come and see me, LO was getting really fed up by this point and i was ready to walk out because i was so upset...eventually i got to see a lovely doctor who decided to try 1 last time in my arm before trying my hand and he did it first time, i could have kissed him! so i was finally home an hour and a half later, battered, bruised and in pain (mentally and physically) and it's still not over yet...have to phone in the morning for the results and see what they are going to do next! x


  • Oh huni, I feel your pain, both with the repeated bloods and emotionally.
    I am sick of being at EPU, feel like I have lived there for the past 7 weeks, started bleeding on xmas eve. have had some break in it but am still bleeding now, when will it stop?! It can't even be AF cos my hormone levels haven't dropped completely yet!! Arggghhh.
    Sorry for having a mini meltdown on your post image
    Thinking of you, good luck tomorrow
    Mrs H xxx
  • feel exactly the same hun...started bleeding again last night and still getting BFP's...i should be 11 weeks preg on tues and have a sac measuring 5 weeks which could be an air pocket but wasn't there 4 weeks ago, not even a slight chance i COULD be 5 weeks body hates me...simples!
  • Mother nature has been a right cow to us hasn't she?!
    I haven't bothered taking preg tests as I know my hormone levels would show a BFP and I am not image
    I didn't think it was even possible to bleed on and off for sooooo long - god I am feeling sorry for myself!
    Can I ask when you started to mc? xxx
  • it started on the 3rd Jan after spotting on the be honest if it wasn't for the tests and the scan i would think this was my AF coming back...i'm so fed up x
  • I am with you on the fed up, I started on xmas eve for a few days, had a big break and then started again about 2 weeks ago, feels like forever.
    I also thought it could have been my period this morning but not sure it could be whilst my hormone levels are 72??

  • oops triple post x

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  • oops double post x

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  • i'll find out tomorrow what my levels are, they couldn't tell me fridays results cuz we were pretty much in a cupboard and there wasn't a computer in there to bring up my notes :roll: x
  • Hey Mrs Bourne,

    It sounds really confusing? I hope they find out what is happening to your body and you get some closure asap! It's so frustrating and cruel when it drags on!

    Fingers crossed for you and lots of love xxx
  • Hi Mrs Bourne have you had any more news??? Hope your body sorts itself out asap!!
  • no more news really apart from now they are treating it as ectopic soooo the plot thickens! back for more bloods and tests at 9am tomorrow

    WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO (notice the hint of sarcasm ;\) )
  • Aw hun, I have been there with the suspected ectopic, know what an up and down journey is can be, hugs for tomorrow xx
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