FAO Mrs ad and Parsnip 1980

hi guys just wanted to see how your both doing?? Not seen you for a while xxxx


  • Hi Leanne,

    Sorry for delayed reply hun, I havent been on for a while, me and Parsnip were getting fed up with our mammoth cycles. I was given a hormone to kick start mine again, but parsnips docrtor wouldnt give it to her until she hadne had a preiod for 12 weeks I think. I hope she comes back on here soon, its good having ppl who are having the same experiences.

    How are you getting on hun?

    I'm now on CD23 of a "fake" cycle - the doctor said we wont know that the norethiseron has worked until I get an AF without any help, I think I Ov'd around Thurs/Fri last week so CD18/19 so I should get AF anytime between 17th and 20th. We did BD on CD17 but then I was away so unlikely that I will have managed to get pg but you never know!xxx
  • hi leanne & MrsAd

    so sorry for delay i've been away on my hols and just got back yesterday...
    I have some exciting news though... i got my BFP yesterday! i just burst into tears felt so strange and so happy!... had been feeling odd the last few days of holiday - no appetite (didn't feel like this with 1st) slight nausea and sore boobs... didn't want to get my hopes up or hubbys - but have a few things this week involving booze (wedding today and my 30th next friday) so tested yesterday to put mind at rest - and there it was really strong 2 lines! couldn't believe it so did a CBD and got pregnant 3+ - was so shocked as MrsAd knows i did a test on 26th july and was negative which is why and went to the docs - I was pregnant then by the looks of things just too early to show up!
    I have no real idea of dates and things though as had no period since MC (last real period was 6th March & MC on 13th May) but i think it might be an April bean! - have applied lots of mental superglue so i hope we have a sticky one this time!
    i hope you get your good news soon girls - it goes to show that our bodies will work again even f it takes a little longer than we hoped.
    its the best 30th present i could wish for! - i'm staying in TTC as its far to soon to move on - plus i want to be here for you girls we said we would stick together. love lots
    parsnip xxxx

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  • Wohoo Parsnip thats brilliant news!! So So pleased for you chick, makes me more hopeful!! I wander how far on you are? Make sure you keep in touch and let us know how you get on at the docs!! I really am so happy for you honey after all the misery of limbo land - you're right as well I bet that really is the best present for your 30th!!

    I'm now on CD29 no idea how long this cycle is going to be, think I ov'd around cd18/19 so if no AF by this friday I'm going to test as its my hubbys birthday and thought it would be a fab present, dont think i'll be to down hearted if af shows up before then as I want to know that i'm getting back into some sort of normal cycle!!

    Once again HUGE congrats and please keep in touch!!xxxxxx
  • OMG that is fantastic i am really happy for you and like mrs ad said it gives us hope that it can happen with unusual cycles!!! Well i am now on CD32 and no sign of Af but then havent got a clue how long they are. I did stupidly test this morn because of a couple of symptoms nausea in the eves and tiredness in the afternoons however i got a bfn!!! I did expect it really cos i didnt get a positve opk despite doing them every day! I did get faint lines for 2 days and thought i may have missed surge but if that was the case then i should have had a bfp by now. So now i dont know where i am think its gonna be a long cycle oh I dont know girls im just really fed up of it all!! i cant even find out if im ovulating until i get my af which stupidly wont show up!!!!! Apologies for the rant it just gets to me sometimes!! Sorry again parsnip this post started off as congratulations so ill say it again CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
    Keep in touch ladies you are the only people who keep me sane xxx
  • Thanks so much girls.. i know you two will get yours soon - i have a feeling! its meant to be - positive thoughts babes! will be on here lots nosying to see what you are up too! xx
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