When should I expect af after induced mc?

Hi, sorry all it's just a quick one but has anyone got a rough idea what sort of timescale I'm looking at? I know we're all different but thought I'd ask jic.
I had an induced mc on 4th feb and think I bled around 10-14 days, i reckoned af would probably show around now but no sign yet.
I caved last week and did poas, despite knowing either way it's too early and I was in bits by the end of the day - crazy I know! Anyway still no af, desperate to be pregnant, scared to poas, have a pain in my stomach which I'm reckoning might just be painful af coming after mc but no other signs really pointing at af or bfp!
Was thinking to test at the end of the week if still no sign but am I just expecting af too early?
Thanks :\?


  • My AF arrived about 3 weeks after I stopped bleeding I beleive, like you though I POAS as we had been BDing - no such luck though. But once AF arrived I was back on my normal schedule, have OV'd, right when I expected, a few days ago and got back to the BD. Fingers crossed for this month. The wait is excrutiating though I know. I will be trying not to POAS this weekend!
  • i have no idea... I had D&C after MMC on 4th Feb and still no AF! I felt really hormonal and crampy last week, and thought she was on her way, but nothing since!
    Just want it over with now!!!
  • Hi waiting4baby, it is sooo frustrating waiting for that first af isnt it? I had my ERPC on 13th Feb, finally stopped bleeding and all I can think about is when will af arrive. First time ever I have actually wanted it!! It would just be nice to be back to normal again.

    Let us know what happens but Im keeping my fingers crossed for you that maybe you will get your BFP instead!!:\)

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