litle update

Well, I have on anti D's for the last week now. Must say I have not felt as down anymore, but not sure if it is the pills or just my homones settling down again. I know I need them, cause I always have more bad days than good days and the miscarriages don't help. I do feel I can handle more at the moment and actually manage to do washing, washing up, cooking, cleaning and playing with lo. Never thought I still would have time left for myself as well.

I have been feeling sick over the last few days, but that has settled down again. I think it might be the pills I am taking, don't want to think I might be pregnant, but it feels exactly the same as morning sickness. :S It was a possible side effect of the pills, just keeping my fingers crossed.

I am on cd21 now as well. So my mind goes tot testing again, but I know it is to early for it. I think I have another long cycle, although I have had possible ov quite early and quite late. My temp is quite weird this month as well, but it is not taken each day at the same time and must say I am not sleeping great. Anyway I try not to test till the first of may.


  • fingers crossed hun! just keep praying but dont feel disappointed if your not.. uv stil got the rest of the year image im testing the day before (30th) no symptoms at all but hey u nevver no! good luck xx
  • hi hun,
    Sickness is a really common side effect of anti-depressants. It does go away after a few weeks though. Well done you for starting them, that's one of the most difficult things, to admit you need help. You should be proud of yourself. Sleeping will settle down as well. Hope it all goes OK.
  • Hi hun,
    glad to hear your feeling better with the Anti Ds. Hope you can stay positive! Keep us posted when you do test.
    Thinking of you

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