Story so far.......

Hi all, I am back after a wonderful 10 days in the Lanzarote sunshine........ If you remember just before I left I had finally stopped bleeding 12 weeks on from my MC!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am thrilled to report that I enjoyed a full 10 days in a bikini, in the red hot sun without a drop of anything...... not even any spotting!!!!!!!! Yea, finally think I am getting somewhere back to normal.

So I took my CBD OV tests away with me and I got 2x smiley face, they were on CD 11 and 12, quite early for me as beofre MC I was on a 30 day cycle and OV around day 15/16, but just putting this down to changes in my body, I carried on testing and never got a smiley face on CD13 so it seems like everything was working as it should.

Anyway, needless to say as it has been 12 weeks and the fact that we were on holiday we BD every night, except one......... so I know we have done as much as we can to get caught this month.

I am nor getting over excited as I know this month was an artificial cycle due to the tablets....... however you never know!!!!!!!!

I have no idea when AF is due, but I am going to test next Thursday if she has not showed her face by then as I am going to watch Peter Kay and want to know wheather I can enjoy a drink or not.

Anyway, it is such a relife to be TTC again, and not bledding all day every day!!!!!!!

I really hope I get a BFP this month as that means I dont have to loose to half a stone I put on on holiday:lol::lol::lol::lol:

Anyway, hope you are all ok, I have seen some new names (sorry to say) and seem some BFP announcenments........ yea!!!!!!!!!!


  • Glad you sounding much happier hun, sounds like the sun did you the world of good :\)

    Here's a bucketful of baby dust for you

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