AF at last!!!

Well girls she finally got me YAYYY

The last AF I had was a chem pg in June & then obviously feel pg again the following cycle. so it's been a good 5 months without her.

I am happy cause it means I can finally have the last lot of bloods done for the recurrent mc clinic in time for our nxt appt on the 1st Dec were we will get all of our blood results, all that will be left after that is another ultrasound & a hysteroscopy.

If the bloods come back all ok then we will start trying again if the consultant says it's ok too, im not to fussed about the hysteroscopy cause even though I have a history of endo I know that the baby can implant unless there is more to it that I dont know about.

So hopefully soon it will be all systems go again wooo hoo xxx


  • Matey - really glad it's here for you! The uncertainty of when she is coming is what does my head in as you don't know where you are, and i know that you have had a massive wait for yours!!! Really glad that you can have the bloods now and hopefully get some answers at your appointment!!!

    Jodie xx
  • hooray, for once she's a welcome visitor!! when are you getting the blood tests?
  • yyyyaaaayyy!!!! - probably one of the only times we get excited about AF so had to make the most of it!!! image xx
  • Thanks girls, im gona get the bloods done on Monday (have a whole list) of them these are for all my hormone levels, natural killer cells, thyroid, sticky blood etc & then all the results on the 1st including the genetic tests.

    Totally off the subject but it's so funny, im typing away with Roxy sitting on my lap the TV is on a animal programme & there are hatched birds as she hears them she's off my lap yapping & growling at the TV LOL xxx
  • Laujai thats great - hope time goes quickly for you and Dec 1st is here in no time xx
  • fab stuff honey!!!

    close that chapter now...move onto the next one,big squeeze for you xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks girls, Clare love your ticker, I have one as a google homepage as well as the normal homepage still & cant seem to get rid of it, it told me today that i'd be 21wks!!! Not long till next scan now are you anymore excited!!! xxx
  • Oh yay, you should do like the Americans and have a 'womanhood' party or whatever it is lol! So glad you're a step closer and hope results come back quickly with no probs or at the very least fixable problems. Take care x
  • yea!!! laujai! i also have got AF today so believe me i know how excited you are!
  • Good luck with the investigations laujai, I hope you get some long awaited answers. I've also had a hysteroscopy and it wan't bad at all felt normal after the anaesthetic wore off.

    Love Gecko x
  • Hooraaayy! Now you can move forward and get some answers.
  • Super duper!! I'm glad you can now move forward and get some answers . It won't be too much longer to wait now and we're here to keep you company x x x
  • Yay for laujai! have been at home this weekend so haven't had much time to get on here but saw this thread so just wanted to say that I am so glad that things are getting back on track for you and am wishing you lots of luck for your tests xx
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaay awesome news, glad to see things are happening for you again xxx
  • Thanks ladies,

    I went for my CD2-5 bloods yesterday morning so am so pleased that on the 1st Dec we should get all those results & the genetic tests back. Then hopefully onwards & upwards. Im on CD5 today & she's still showing no signs of leaving sorry tmi but very very heavy muct be making up for not having one since June!!! xx
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