FAO Laujai

Hi laura

Just popped in to see how you're getting on?

Haven't had much time to catch up with everyone lately but you're always in my thoughts and I always have my fingers tightly crossed for you.

Have you had all your results from your tests yet?

Hope you're doing ok :\)

Love NN xxx

p.s - are you on Facebook? Would be good to catch up with you on there!


  • Hi hun

    Firstly love your avartar Olyvia looks gorgeous.

    I am not to bad thanks had a slight blip earlier in the week but feeling positive again. We have a follow up appt on Tues to discuss the results & further tests. I do know that all the blood tests are clear including the LA & the Kartotying (thank god).

    I think Tues we weill be discussing me having a hysteroscopy because of the history of endometriosis.

    I had a wobble the week before, just before AF arrived & wondered how I would cope if she didnt turn up & I was pg & panic set in!!! Think I will also discuss the worries about conceiving again as I know when it happens i'll be a nervous wreck!!!

    How are you & Olyvia doing?

    Thanks for the fao post thats really nice, yes I am on fb hun would be good to chat on there as well, i'll have a look for you or if you get there before me you have my full name got dark hair & profile pic I am posing on a fancy looking chair in Dubai LOL!!!xxxx

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