CBFM help

I posted on here a few weeks ago to say I sadly had a MC at 6 weeks. We are hoping to start ttc again after my next AF which I am hoping will be here by end of the month or early January. I just wondered if I need to reset my CBFM at that stage as if I am a new user - so start the machine from scratch as it were- or should I just set it to day 1 like normal? I just worry that it will be confused and not work as this current cycle is going to be VERY long! Thanks for your help


  • i would prob re set it hun, i did a couple of time after my mc as my body was a bit all over the place. depends if you want to use more sticks or not as well i guess! xx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm the same as you and I think I'll reset mine too.

  • Hi I just wanted to let everyone know in case anyone else is in the same situation as me. I rang the CBFM helpline and they said there is no need to totally reset the CBFM. You can just start CD1 like normal on the first day of your AF, but they do advise waiting a few cycles until your cycle length returns to normal. I think I am going to ignore that part of the advice as just want to start ttc again as soon as my next AF is here. I don't see how it can make that much difference.
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