Ive been very bad

I tested early.................................BFP!!! image image image


  • Woohoooo!!!! Well done you! We won't tell you off this time for testing early as you got the news you wanted to hear image xx
  • Congratulations! Its always nice to see someone graduate from this board into one of the 'My baby is due in ???' boards!!!!!!

    Lots of love and baby dust for a very sticky bean(s)!

  • congratulations! have been feeling a bit down today, but a bfp in this forum always cheers me up image
  • yeaaa!! congrats!
  • big congrats luvvie!!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Congratulations Bigburd! Can I ask how early you tested?
  • Congrats big burd!!! woop woop!! xxx
  • BRILLIANT! I love it when someone from this forum gets a bfp.
  • Thanks ladies. I still cant believe it. This is only our first month of trying again after ectopic in July. Was convinced it would take ages with only one tube.

    L&N - I always had a 29 day cycle which would have been thursday 5th, got BFN on wednesday 4th but my last cycle was 33 days, which would be tomorrow, so I suppose you could say I tested 2 days early. used superdrug test - very faint line, then CBD - pg 1-2 weeks.

    Think I will test tomorrow to see if line is any stronger.
    Phoning docs first thing too for a scan. Will be so relieved to know its in the right place, after that what will be will be.

  • Congratulations hun xxx
  • Congrats BigBurd!! I got my BFP 2 but am worried as I had an ectopic last year!! Everything crossed our beans are snuggling in the right place!! xx
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