Too Soon To Concieve After ERPC????

hey girls.. most of you probably know me now! its been 9 days since my ERPC.. iv had no bleeding and no pains as of yet!... ive got bit of random question! i started sleeping with my partner again last night.. its been the 1st time since the op. i wont go into details but it was a good night... again today we had sex.... hes told me he doesnt wana try again for a good year or two which upset me alot but now im thinking because of these two nights of passion could i have concieved so early after my D+C??? Its only been 9 days but iv heard people can get pregnant within couple weeks! the doctor told me to wait until my period 2 start again but my partner doesnt want to try anyway.... just need peoples adivce and opinions pleasse xxx



  • Hi,
    glad you've been feeling so well (physically) since your erpc. i dont really have an answer for you but when i had my review after my d&c, i was told to expect af around 4 weeks after the procedure, and i was told that i would ovulate before af. i guess it would be possible for you to conceive, but like every month, it will depend on when you ovulate.
  • Its so confusing isnt it. I had my ERPC on 13th Feb, no idea when AF will turn up but from everything I have read like pretty_pink said it seems to be 4 weeks, so similar to the ERPC being day one of your cycle. Mind you if that is the case with me I was still bledding around the time I would have normally ovulated so who knows??

    Hopefully as time goes by your partner might change his mind. Maybe it is too early for him to think about at the moment

    Take care

  • thanks girls! yeah its so confusin... well i should expect my af around 25th of march then..... have to wait and see! xx
  • I m/c on 26th Jan, had ERPC 9th Feb, AF came 1st march!

    Everyone is different but, hope that helps? Good luck and hope your other half comes around. He's still probably grieving.

    When we were going through the m/c I said and genuinely felt like I didn't want to try again for months, but now I've had first AF I feel ready to go and we're back at it! :lol: Emotions are still running high, give him and yourself time! Lots of love xxx

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