OT - back to work today! boooo!

hi everyone,

1st day back at work today, and Im hating it already! (only been here for 21 minutes!)

I had a few days in the office before xmas (didnt do a lot though), but due to MC at the end of Nov I havent done a full working week for 7 weeks - these next 5 days are going to hurt!!

the only good thing about being back at work is that I can now go on Baby expert loads (got technical problems at home!!)

Im probably going to be on here alot today to try and help ease the pain of being back at work!!!

(pointless post really - but im bored already!)

hope everyone is okay

x x x


  • o I know how you feel hun, I'm back today as well and BE is the only thing keeping me from slumping onto my desk in tears! Problem is I have a meeting soon...how am I going to cope!!! I feel like my brain has melted away over Christmas, can't think at all today :roll:
  • hi ya huni,

    how are you? sorry not been around much - but now im back!

    hope your meeting goes super fast !!!!

    im easing myself into the week - just doing little admin bits today. got quite a quiet week thank g od!

    hope you have a good day,

  • Some days I wish I could go to work and see some adults. I am still on mat leave and when it ends (in april) I am being made redundant. I know since march 2008 already, so not to much of a shock. Sitting in the house all day, especially after busy days with christmas and new year, I feel so lonely and unloved. I think part of me feeling down is the fact that I will ov in the next few days. (always have mood swings around ov time, probably the only indicator I have with it, seeing that I do not track it at all) Everything just comes up and I feel so down and just want to cry.

    It is only 2 months since mmc, but no one askes how I am, how I feel, if I am alright. According to my husband they don't because they do not want to upset me, to me it feels like they do not care and don't want to talk about it. My husband is probably right, but doesn't make me feel any better.

    So yeah, I can understand how you feel. Even though not at work, I feel kinda the same,
  • hi breighlin,

    I can relate to how you feel - oh was working over xmas and new year and I just couldnt motivate myself to get up and do anything!!! I also get annoyed that people arent asking how I am so much, I feel as though they think I should be "over" it by now.

    dont feel that you are unloved - im sure you are very much loved hun x x

    what are you going to do come april? are you looking for another job? if so what kind of job? sorry for being nosey - but im very bored at work and could help you look!

  • When we knew about me being redundant, we decided it would be ideal to start a family. I would get maternity leave, than redundancy payout and I could stay home till Michael goes to school. We took a mortgage out that is possible to cover with one wage only. image

    I would like to maybe study something with the OU next year, but unsure about that yet. Would be nice to do so, than I can work on something for when Michael does go to school.

    I was raised with my mum at home till I was 12, and it was great. Not having to go to after school activities because parents where still working, not having to stay in school till 5 to be picked up. We decided we wanted to give our children the same thing if possible, so as long as it is possible, I will stay home image
  • going back to work after being off a long period is always hard, don't know how i'm going to cope tomorrow and i've only been off 11 days. I can't even use internet at work booooo!!!
  • Hi, sorry to but in. I never went back after my mat leave and gave up our house and moved to rented so I could stay at home with Lily and hopefully have another child. I am currently doing a teaching assistant course at college one day a week as this would fit in with when Lily starts school, I have to do 4 hours a week voluntary in a school and get help with the nursery fees. xx
  • Purplebubbles, how is your oh in this situation? Is he a good support? Does he understand that you are still sad and grieving?
    Mine not really, for him the baby has never been alive so could not have died. :S I found it difficult without him feeling some kind of grief as well. He is understanding how I feel or tries to, but not really.
  • Dudes! At least you have the internet at work! I'm a teacher, so there will be no BE for me! How will I cope???????????? ARG!!

    But also I only work part time, so I can relate to how you are feeling Breighlin. There's only so much cleaning you can do before you go crazy!!

    As you are all bored at work try to help me out. I supply teach three days a week, but I really miss having my own class. BUT! At the moment I don't know whether to try and get a full time job again (only part time mind, cos I like my freedom!) cos WHEN (see pma) I fall pregnant it could be tricky explaining it to my new school if I've only been there a little while. I wouldn't want to p*ss off my new headteacher and look really unprofessional. But on the other hand, I might not fall pg for another 6 odd months (God I really hope not!), so I could be sat here in 6 months time regretting not looking for a job now.

    Arg what would you do???
  • Breighlin - OH has been really good, alothough ive understandably taken a little longer to "get better". prehaps your oh isnt thinking of it being real as that makes it easier for him to cope with things and keep track of his emotions?

    girls - I really dont know how I could cope at work if I couldnt get onto BE!! hats off to you!!!!

    M&S - Im in a little bit of a similar situation. I hate my job but I didnt want to look elsewhere because of ttc. But Ive decided that Im going to have a look and see whats out there and see if I get accepted for anything - and then make my mind up. I used to worry about being professional etc - but since my mc my view on work has changed. work definately comes second to ttc/baby time! so my advice is to have a look what you can go for, go for them and then see what happens. Dont worry about looking unprofessional when you get your bfp! as that means you will soon be going on mat leave - and then not even thinking about work!!! lots of baby dust! x

    I just feel a bit in limbo - not sure about jobs, cant book holidays as not sure if Ill be pregnant or not. arrgghh!!!

    anyway - its 4.36pm and nearly home time!! now that Monday is out of the way the rest of the week willbe a breeze!!!! he he

  • I made it!!!!!!!!!!!! first day over with...if only tomorrow was Friday :roll: and the worst thing is, it feels like I was never off now image
  • I only had the xmas weekend off, I've been owrking rest of time inc bank hol's. so glad I have my hol coming up. we can't go on BE at work either, tho I sometimes get long enough at lunch to come home.
    I'd say you guys should look for new jobs if you want them. You never knwo how long ttc will take. and you never know it might be sods law that you get pg as soon as you start. it worked with booking my holiday!
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