Appt tomorrow wish me luck please...UPDATED Back frm appt

Our appt is nearly here the last 4 weeks seem to have flown by but tomorrow is our appt at the gynae for recurrent mc.

This month makes it a year that we've been ttc and we've had 3 mc in that time.

Im a little bit nervous but am glad that hopefully soon we will have some answers & that they will hopefully be simple answers like take aspirin or something along those lines.

The last time I had gynae after the 2nd mc I was able to tell them I was pg so they we were all hoping that I wouldnt see them again under such circumstances.

My mum said that she had seen our gp & she had asked after me & said that she thinks everything will be fine for us and that as we could conceive we were already half way there & that it may be something really simple like taking aspirin that would help us to carry a baby, I hope shes right.

So i'll update tomorrow when I get back hopefully with some news as to what tests they will be doing. I still havent had AF properly yet I thought she was coming last week as had been having a little pinky brown spotting which is still all it seems to be so hopefully they'll be able to tell me what this is as I had stopped bleeding almost 2 wks after the erpc!!!.

Hope everyone else is well xxx


Thanks for everyones well wishes. We are back from our apt & was able to see one of the best fertility doctors at the clinic!!!

he has taken all our history & today we have had blood tests to check our genetics are ok these results can take a long time to come back.

I then have to go back between CD2-5 for loads more blood tests.

He said that im still a bit tender from the erpc so when it's all healed up properly there I then have to have an ultrasound & possibly a test were they put a dye in & look at my uterus & then maybe another laparoscopy!!!

We have a follow up apt on 1st Dec when all our blood tests should be back & then we can have the ultrasound & look at wether the other tests are needed.

I feel better knowing that we now have some serious help to see whats going on & want to thank you all for being so supportive over the last few weeks.

For now we wont be actively ttc as I feel its the best for now I would feel much happier knowing that our nxt pg we would have all the right information & a healthy pg but I'll still be coming on here if thats ok.


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  • AAAARGH! BE ate my reply!!

    I want to wish you the very best of luck tomorrow & hope you get some answers lujai. Hopefully it will be as your doc says something simple like aspirin.
    We are starting test this month too as i mc in march but have been trying for 2 yrs.

    So good luck & will look out for your posts tomorrow

    Annette xx
  • Hi Annette,

    Thank you hun, good luck to you'll too. Do you know anything about what tests you have to have done? xxx
  • Good luck! I hope they give you some positive advice!!! xxxx
  • Good luck laujai, really hope you get some good news! x
  • Good luck laujai, really hope you get some good news! x
  • Thanks ladies xxx
  • No. She has to do the basics first i.e 21 day bloods & hubbies swimers although as we fell preg before & i have a reg 28 day cycle she is almost positive theres no prob with me oving or hubby but hospital want them done first. Then its over tothe hosp. She is questioning if my lining isnt quite thick enough to carry like a drop in progesterone which causes spontanious mc?? they will scan at certain times in cycle to see how thick it is. Ive started drinking pineapple juice & eating brazil nuts as they are high in selenium which is supposed to help nourish the womb lining to make it a more comfy place for implantion & build a thicker womb lining.
    God i hope it helps
  • I see, I wonder about my progesterone levels cause I have suffered years of endometriosis and this is usually caused by hormone levels.

    I just feel I need to be armed with info tomo so I can ask lots of questions. I dont know that i'll have 3 day or 21 day bloods as I am obviously ov'ing.
    I have drunk small amounts of pure pineapple juice early on in cycle & then stopped after ov!!

    Will keep everything crossed for you hun, im sure I saw in ttc your in your 2ww now. Thanks for that info as well hun it's useful to know xxx
  • No problem. Ask them about your progesterone levels??? They can give progesterone remedies if thats the case as soon as you fall preg.
    Yes the 2 ww i love it but haitit if that makes any sense. lol x
  • I will do thanks huni. And I know exactly what you mean by 2ww!!! xxx
  • Hey hun,
    Wishing you lots of luck tomorrow - will be thinking of you and I KNOW your doctor is right - you will be fine and you'll have a little bubs before you know it. Am keeping the PMA for you.
    Big hugs and keep us posted xxxx
  • Hey hun,
    Wishing you all the luck in the worls for 2moro, will be thinking of you, im sure you will be fine xx

    Keep us updated hun

    Kirsty xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Just wanted to say good luck and all the best for tomorrow. I will be thinking about you.

    Keep us posted on any progress xxx
  • Thank you ladies.

    Im feeling even more nervous now I started googling!!! And found a list of all the possible tests they do ARGHHH.

    Im sure that it will be something simple or nothing & just one of those things but it's quite scary when you start looking at genetic tests etc!!!

    Those test results would take ages to come back & i've just thought when I had the erpc they said they were gona do histology on the pg tissue I think this is to see if there was any genetic problems!!

    Thank you for all your support, a very nervous Laura xxxxx
  • Hey Laura,

    All the very best for tmoro. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust too. I really hope they can answer all your questions, i wrote all mine down so i could remember them after i had my mmc in Dec and then went to confirm this preg in June.

    I really really hope everything will get sorted, it is a very anxious time but i'm sure they'll be a simple answer as getting preg like you say is half way there.

    Take care honey xxx
  • Good luck hunny hope it goes well for you xx
  • Dangermouse & Sohappy thank you so much I have written down a list of what I want to ask & all the details of the previous pg & af's.
  • Dangermouse & Sohappy thank you so much I have written down a list of what I want to ask & all the details of the previous pg & af's.
  • Good luck laujai x x x
  • Best of luck hunni - all for the greater good xxxxxx
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