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two Ectopics in a row

I need some help,
i had my first pregnancy and baby in 2006 the pregnancy was normal, then this year in january i found out i was pregnant and by the end of the week i found out it was an ectopic pregnancy about 10+ wks and had an operation to remove my right tube, Then in july this yr after trying to convince everyone i was pregnant (altough test still came up negetive) i found out i was right, but that too was an ectopic but the egg had come from my "good side" and ended up on the remnance of "bad side" .

i really want to feel hopefull as still have functioning left tube, can anyone give me some advice please? can there be a happy ish ending?


  • Hi Lizzie,

    Sorry you are hear and have had 2 ectopics. I had one in September. Have you been on the ectopic trust website? It is invaluable. Lots of ladies with success stories x x
  • I'm sorry to hear this sweetie. I have had one and that's bad enough but two doesn't bear thinking about. The problem I think is where there is scar tissue left there is the risk of it happening again, and that's why they remove the tube alot of the time. Do you have a partial tube left?

    I still have my left tube too and after having my salpingectomy I fell pregnant again within a couple of months. I now have a beautiful little girl who is 13 months in a week, so please keep your hopes up- it can definitely happen again for you

    The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust forums are down right now- not sure what is going on there, but please keep an eye on the site and have a chat to the girls once the forums reopen. I'm sure you will find it helpful. Also you can fill out a questionnaire to help with the Trust's research. I felt like I could be helpful by doing that

    I am hoping to do a sponsored skydive for The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

  • Thanks to you both, i finally feel understood as i have been feeling a little alone.

    @ Mafia princess: Thank you i will have a look at ectopic trust website

    @ kimmie: Congrats on your baby girl, i had two ectopics within six months and have six scars!! they did remove whole right tube but they have said they have cut as much as they can away this time although it could still happen as they can only cut away so far from uterus other wise they start cutting into it. Good luck on your skydive you will have to let me know how it goes what a great thing to do xx
  • Hey. I know it's been a while since you posted this but I wanna tell everybody who's gone through ectopic pregnancies my story. I had two ectopic pregnancies in a row and the second one almost took my life. But I did get pregnant without any help again and now I have a beautiful 3 month old baby girl. Trust me when I say there is light at the end of the tunnel. It'll seem depressing at the moment but when you hold your little one in your arms, all this will seem worth it.. hang in there 

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