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Hi Ladies

I need a bit of help, today is not being a good day. I feel on the brink of tears constantly and its difficult to keep it together as I'm at work. I would have been about 27/28 weeks today and its just really effecting me. Really thought I was doing ok, but still having those down, very emotional days. I think everyone, apart from my hubby, thinks I'm over my missed miscarriage, and no one else seems to understand. No one realises how difficult it is and how often I think about where I would be now and how my baby would be growing. Does it really get any easier? I'm beginning to wonder.



  • Yes huni it does, don't get me wrong you will still get days like this and probably always will until your pg again..... But they get fewer and get easier to deal with. I still get emails from baby clubs with updates like you are thirty four weeks now how are things!!!!!!! Aaarrrggghhhh my own fault for signing up so early. Anyway chin up love it dies get easier but never easy! ;\)
  • Hi Z , sorry to hear your struggling today. I have days like this where I just want to cry and cry so you are not alone. A miscarriage is one of the hardest things to go through and you are not alone here, if you need to talk or rant we are all here to offer you virtual hugs image
    Just focus on the positives today, its sunny, its Friday and you get to do lots of baby making with your hubby.

    Hope you feel better soon sweets


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  • i know exactly how you feel, i had a really down day yesterday as it was 8 weeks since MC (on CD 55 and still no AF - really depressing) and must have seen about 10 pregnant ladies just while getting my sandwich at lunch :0( don't begrudge them their bumps - just really want one of my own....
    keep smiling - Bubs is right its 31oC outside so get yourself a nice glass of wine and look forward to lots of summer BD! XXX
  • Thanks ladies, reallly appreciate your replies. Roll on 5pm and I can get out of work. Just wanna be with my hubby right now. Have a good weekend all. Zxx
  • Hi Z,
    So sorry you are feeling this way!! All i can do is be truthful and say although it does get easier the pain doesn't go away. It just gets pushed to the back of your thoughts and resurfaces every now and then to remind us. I know we were in Oct together but i've really enjoyed our chats on e-mail and you've been a great support to me. I was going through a similar thing yesterday when i got to the point in this pregnancy that I got to in my last one. Incidently i've not heard from a single friend or family member, just my OH who's been my tower of strength. Unfortunately other people do forget what you've been through and think you've gotten over it, but thats the way of the world. I'm sure we're guilty of it ourselves at times. It'll do you good to have a good cry and your OH sounds like he has been a wonderful support to you. Like the other girls have said, enjoy the weather and time with your hubby and relax. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you'll be getting your BFP. Take care hun, big hugs xx
  • Ahh thanks Jackie - your reply means a lot. Am guna get my hubby to hide my tests!!! Zxx
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