How long was first AF?????

I started my first AF after MC last Thursday. Today 10 days later I am still getting some bleeding, very irregular, nothing for hours then a little bleeding. It is like it is pooling and then coming out together like a clot. I can have nothing for almost all of the day and then maybe an hour of bleeding. My AF was alway around 4/5 days prior to MC, I am now day 10 and wondering when I will stop completly. On Friday I passed a really large clot, like it had been building up all day. Really dont know what is happening? Is this normal?:\?


  • My first AF after the mc was about 4/5 days which is normal for me, first couple of days fairly heavy and then tailed off as it would have done before the mc.

    Hopefully someone else has some more advice than me.

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Hi, sorry I don't know if this is 'normal', but my first af after mmc was a monster!!! I usually bleed for 4/5 days but this particular af lasted 8 days. So for me this was longer than usual. If you're in pain (worse than usual) or it's smelly, see your GP.

    HTH X
  • Actually, having read my post, if you are at all worried you should see your GP anyway. Do you know how much those dudes are paid?!!!

  • hey hun
    im now on day 4 of 1st AF.. usually mine are around 4/5 days long but at the moment im also having irregular bleeding... heavy one minute then nothing the next! 2day its really heavy again and iv also been passing clots but a doctor who livs round the corner from me said its normal.. its jsut the body releasing all the blood thats been stored... i would say give it another couple days and if it doesnt appear to be stopping then go see doctor image
  • I am on day 11 now, it is really quite light now, almost nothing on a pad for most of the day, but still blood inside if you get what I mean..... not coming out on the pad. I am getting a little frustrated as I so want it to be over, I've been beeding most days for almost 9 weeks now.... had about 4 days of nothing before AF, never had an AF last this long though, I had normal quite heavy AF flow Thursday-Saturday. Heavy bleed Sunday, quite light Monday-Thursday, Heavy bleed Friday and next to nothing Saturday and Sunday, it is driving me crazy, is this is what yours is like? Is it normal to go on for so long???
  • I have just had my first period too - I have been bleeding for 8 days and I am still really heavy. There have been some clots too. No pain, just really bad PMT and headaches. Feeling awfully weak too.

    I would say if it goes on for much longer, then take yourself off to the drs.

  • mines very irregular!! its now day 5 and this morning it was very light bleeding... went to work and didn have to go loo for few hours.. then from 6 clock 2nite yet more bleeding and more clots! its driving me mad i know eaxctly what you mean hun! if its day 11 id say book an appoinment for end of week just incase..
  • I am booked in for 1:30 today to see the GP. I am still doing OV tests and they are getting stronger, going by my last cycle I would be due to OV around Friday/Saturday and it is looking like that may happen, which means the bleeding 2 weeks ago was my AF, however I think this bleeding is back to being from the OP not a continued AF, I shouldn't OV if it is AF. Going to try and get all these questioned answers...... fingers crossed. I have heard that sometime they put you back on the pill for a month to try and regulate the bleeding!!!!!
  • Not sure if you read my other post, but I got a smiley face on my OV test today...... I was still bleeding yesterday, but today woke up to a clean pad and had nothing this morning either, would I still OV if I was bleeding? Or will the bleeding stop now cause I am Ovulating? Help!!!!!!
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