Just checking in!

Hey all, hope everyone is well, have spotted a few newbies and just wanted to say that i'm sory you've had to join us. glad to see we've got some BFP's this month too! Have been eithout my laptop the last week and it's gone for repair so hopefully i'll be back on here properly soon!

Just a quick update from those that know me already, touch wood the anti biotics seem to of cleared up the thrush in my throat and i seriously hoping that it's worked for good! only a year later.,. hell. I've been referred to see a gynae as well, haven't got the app yet as only saw my GP on friday (laujai you should be impressed with this! lol.) i didn't have to stamp my feet too hard which was good, however the 'nice' GP looked back at my scan results that i had in December following a random small bleed, 5 months after my mmc and it was reported that my lining was very thin to whatb it should be at the end of a cycle. My GP thinks that that could show that i didn't OV that cycle... i looked back at my diary and saw that i never got a peak that month but at the time i put it down to my cbfm missing it... not sure what this means now! hubby's also been referred to have an SA done, the GP did say that we wouldn't get any help with assisted conception bcus hubby has a kiddy alread (although we don't have any involvemnet in it's life and never had as it was an accident) and i'm not sure what this means either... if i'm not OV'ing will i still get help? does she just mean i wouldn't get ivf etc on the nhs if i were to need it? I'm no even thinking down these lines yet but shes worried me a bit now! it's a year this week that i got our BFP and in some ways i can't believe how quickly the time has gone!! but also feeling a bit down that i haven't had another BFP since image

anyways, sorry for the essay, wil try and catch up properly in a few days!

Rocky xxxxx

P.s. Mafia P how are you hun? xx


  • hi ya Rocky,

    Hope you dont mind me posting, Ive been looking out for you hun and have been wondering how you are.

    Im glad that the antiboitics are now working and that you've got to see a nice GP (there are some monsters out there!)

    that's crap about not being able to have help because of hubbies previous kid. I think you should definately get a second opinion on this and also ask exactly what it means.

    Im sorry you havent got your BFP hun, I really really wish I could do something.

    I know its a cliche but please hold in there and keep on at the profs and ask questions.

    I sincerely hope you havent got long to wait hun x x x

    lots of love

    x x x
  • Hello,
    I don't know you, but I just wanted to say hi.
    I would ask as many questions as possible about the doc saying no help with IVF, as it could mean a couple of things. I'm sorry you've not had another BFP, hoping you get one soon.
  • HI sweetie,

    I've been looking out for you too image

    Glad the antibiotics are working , hopefully that's one thing out the way for you.

    As for you maybe not ov that month, I'm pretty sure (though don't quote me) that there are at least 2 cycles in 12 cycles that women don't ov so maybe it's down to that? I know it's hard, but try not to think too much about that possibility.

    I agree with PB and would get clarification abut what your GP meant when they said about your hubby already having a son as it doesn't seem to make much sense.

    Lots of hugs my lovely

  • Rocky

    Hi ya lovely, yes I am very impressed, see all she had to do was take a closer look, some things are so easily missed, like the non ov!!!

    Now going by my ltttc girlies I think that you would get help if your not ov'ing maybe clomid or something like that (lots of bfp from ltttc'ers on clomid) also some boroughs if hubby has a child from previous relationship you may not be entitled to go on the ivf waiting list depending on circumstances, I know it's not fair Im sure this has also been discussed in ltttc but it may be the other way round if the woman has child & hubby has bad SA and problems so dont quote me. But I doubt you'll need any help like that sweetheart I think sometimes just knowing that you have taken a step towards someone else helping can relax you so much that you ov & conceive!! That has been known (look at me and Kaycee born in Apr) she took it easy once she knew she was getting some help cause of hubbys SA & conceived!!! She has a gorgeous little princess now.

    Ask the ltttc girls if you havent already what to expect from 1st gynae appt if it appears that you havent ov'ed they may do bloods again CD 2-5 & CD21 bloods, may also arrange hsg to see if tubes clear, I know it sounds daunting but knowledge is power.

    Keep us updated, did you get my email reply about cbfm sticks?? xxx
  • From a programme on tv I know that if one of you has a child out of a previous relationship you won't be entitled to ivf on the nhs. You can still do it privately and if you are willing to egg share (give half of your eggs they take out to someone else) they can reduce the cost by almost half. I don't say you will need it, but it doesn't have to be that bad and expensive as it might look now.

    You will be entitled to help with ovulation and such. They should not take that away from you.

    I really hope that with help on the way you are able to relax a bit more about it and it might just happen than completely naturally. image I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi Rocky,

    Glad things are moving, hope your well.

    IVF depends on where your live - read this article and you'll see what I mean. Look into what your area will / won't cover


    I can't have NHS as I have children from a previous relationship, even though my DH has no kids at all, but if I lived back up north in the town where I was born I would get two attempts. It's a postcode lottery, so look into it!

    good luck xxxxxxxxxx
  • hey all you lovely ladies! what would i do without you all? Still no laptop so only a v quick catch up for me. Neither of us have had any letters yet, but it's only been a week! lol, well 2 for DH. Am feeling quite positive about this cycle though, cd9 today so here's hoping! thanks for the link Fairy T! will have a look at that in a mo!

    Breighlin that's really helpful too hun, thanks. How are you? If i ever had to go down that route i would def pay without a second thought so that's really helpful.

    Laujai - glad you're impressed hun! lol, oohh haven't checked my emails for a couple of days, will check later! That's a good idea, i've popped over there a few times so i'll put a post over asking them all.

    Rainbow & PB - thanks lovelie,s it's nice to still have you guy lokoig out for me and the others that have happily graduated from here.

    startingearly - thanks hun and sorry you've had to join us!


  • You sound happier today sweetie which is lovely to hear image

    Hope this cycle is better for you, love and hugs

  • Thanks rainbow, i feel a bit better that the gP has taken me seriously and i'm actaully going to get some help! lol,

    Laujai honey there's no sign of ur email sweetie...

  • Hi Rocky, was popping in to see how you guys are. so glad the thrush is going. I remember you getting meds when I first joined last year. Can't have been good for you having it so long. maybe that will help with TTC, I hope so.
    I'm 27wks today. cannot believe I'm in 3rd tri!! Hope you're bfp comes soon. want to see you in preg - miss you!!
  • hey huni, i know - a whole year! GGRRRR lol, but touch wood there's no sign atm! oh wow hun thats gone SO fast! yay, congrats! aw, i miss all yiu guys too, every one here is lovely and i've joined ltttc as well and they are all lovely too, it's not quite the same here anymore but am v happy for all you guys!!! xx
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