I think I've a BFP.......I cheated and peed on a stick this afternoon, not even FMU, and there was a very definite line there. I'm only 10 dpo though, so obviously this could turn into a chem preg (I'm too afraid to get my hopes up!). Oh. my. god. xxxx


  • Hee, Hee! January is a good month! Congratulations xx
  • Congrats hun, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months xxx
  • Oh my god happy traveller!! January is going nuts!!! Congratulations x x
  • I know I know, it's crazy isn't it!! I'm so so scared it's going to go away or be not sticky or something though. Hubby and I just went out and bought a whole stash of sticks for me to pee on throughout the week!
    Have you started TTC again now MP?xxx
  • congrats!!! I know how you feel since I got my first bfp last sunday I've poas'd 4out of 6 days!! they're staying positive tho, I'm sure yours will too.
    this forum is def having a luck january image
  • I think it's totally natural to feel the way you do after your experience but this is a totally different pregnancy as has a brilliant chance of sticking. Will you be having an early scan to put your mind at ease?

    This is our first month back ttc, ov next week. Excited but very scared too.

    I have a good feeling about baby traveller!x x x

  • awww thanks ladies, I really hope you're both right about this, just peed on a tesco one and a very faint line came up on that one too. Please please please let it stick!!!!
    Ah, a little baby traveller! I've spent the whole of this morning looking for places to travel for my 30th bday in march....looks like that's gonna have to change image

    MP, all the very very best of luck for next week, get loads of practice in this week now, I bet you'll get there too!!! Yes, I'll be having an early scan, the consultant that dealt with my mc said I'd automatically get one when I tell my gp. Thank god! Don't think I could wait til 12 weeks

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  • Another one?! This really is a lucky thread. Congratulations! Sending you lots of sticky bean dust xxx
  • bloody hell! Jan really is the m onth! congrats and fingers crossed! xxx
  • wow!! Congrats hun!!!! Santa must still be out and about delivering all these late presents!!! xx
  • It's brilliant isn't it! We've been practicing lots! In fact hubby just sais "come on, i'm ready to go before dancing on ice comes on!" so considerate!!x x
  • OMG hun, another BFP!!!! Fantastic, we will defo be taking over in the Due in Sept forum, although don't think i could pluck up the courage to post there yet!! Absolutley fantastic!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Another one!!!! Congratulations thats great news.. xx
  • Congrats....thats excellent news!!! xxxxx
  • Hey Happy T,
    Congratulations and a very healthy 9 months to you both x x x xSenga
  • Oh my another one this is fantastic news huge congrats HT so pleased for you xxxx
  • Oh my another one this is fantastic news huge congrats HT so pleased for you xxxx
  • You next Laujai! When're you due to test? You were having some pretty strong symptoms weren't you??

    I did a cbd this afternoon and got the magic words pregnant 1-2!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited now image xxxx
  • Brilliant! Ace news - they won't be able to move in the Sept forum for all of our ladies!!
  • wohayy!!!! congratulations.

    Im hoping Feb is going to be as lucky as Jan (thats when I start TTC again)

    wishing you a H&H 9 months,

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