BFP... BUT>>>

Im Bleeding

I have been having tender boobs for the past week or so and thought this could be my month. I wasnt sure when to test though because since having my first LO my periods have been erratic with cycles from 40 days to 30 days but getting shorter. Yesterday was CD31 so my friend convinced me to test and I bought a clearblue test. It came up with a fairly faint BFP but still visible to both of us..I was so happy and when my DF came home I told him and we went to bed... we were chatting about the usual things, boy girl etc when i went to the Loo and I was bleeding....

I dont know if this means I have had a miscarriage, if the test was wrong or I could still bleed whilst being pregnant? Im devastated it felt so cruel that it was only 6 hours or so after testing and getting a BFP. Should I test again or just accept it wasnt meant to be?

Thanks Lauren (4+3????):\(:\(


  • I'd say test again in the morning. at this time it could be implantation bleeding. or you could be unlucky and be having a chemical pregnancy. if that is the case make sure you tell your docs so it's in your records.

    good luck, I hope it's just bean snuggling in.

  • Implantation bleeding should occur before hcg are released? But it could be breakthrough bleeding, which a lot of people have.

    Will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  • I would say, try and see a doc asap as some people do bleed while pregnant but you need a medical professional to make further checks! Fingers crossed for you xxx
  • I agree with the others, you should get it checked out.

    I started bleeding 3 days after my bfp and it was an warly warning of an ectopic pregnany. I am not for a second suggesting this is the case for you as I don't know anyone who has not bled in early pregnancy and the vast majority have gone on to have healthy babies.

    What i'm saying is that it is better to get it checked out so you know one way or teh other x x x
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