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Hi Ladies

Had a call from epu today they have had the results from the tissue that I passed last week & they have confirmed that it was pg tissue!! It would appear to them that I have had another mc.

What we dont know was when I was pg, it's not from the last erpc as that was end of Aug but after that in Oct I was getting +ve pg tests & they couldnt dertermine wether I was having a new pg or left over hcg from the previous pg so it's all very confusing at the moment but they seem to think that it may of been then.

They want me to do a hpt on thurs & see what it says but they beleive it's a complete mc as what I thought was a very long heavy period was obviously something else.

It's all very confusing at the moment as I didnt know but as most of you know we are undergoing tests for recurrent mc & this would appear to be the 4th mc we've had now in a year & it's really starting to get to me now, we keep deciding to start ttc again & then something happens to throw us off.

I know we all say that we are worried we wll never carry a baby to full term but Im really starting to beleive it now that im completley put off pg & ttc as I cant see the end of the road in all of this.

Sorry for such a long rant but everytime I get a bit of PMA & start to feel positive something knocks me back down & I dont know how much longer I can keep pulling myself up from it all.


  • Eak! what a nightmare for you both! big ((((((hugs)))))) to you! you always manage to sound so calm and level headed. I remember discussing this with you and totally feel for you. I have my fingers crossed tightly for you that the appoinment in Feb is a bit more conclusive for you! xxx
  • Oh gosh Laura this is just dreadful. I can't imagine what you are going through. I'm not surprised you have been put off ttc - I would be too! It must be very hard to keep going and to try to stay positive.

    You are still in such limbo, I bet that can't help. Do you have an appointment to see anyone following on from what the epu told you? I know that if I was in your position I would have lots of questions. Surely now they must give you every once of help that they can possibly give someone.

    I hope it helps you to know that we are all here for you.

    XX Big kiss XX

  • O hun (((((hugs))))) I can't imagine how you are feeling, it must feel like the world is against you. I really hope they refer you to a good consultant who will take the time to listen and answer all your questions and be able to offer help and advise.
    I know there's nothing that I can say to take the heartache away but we are all here if and when you need us xx
  • Gosh, how confusing I really hope you get some answers soon. Hopefully by next Christmas you'll be holding your baby. Thinking of you...

  • Oh Laura honey, i dont know what to say. Cant believe that this has now been thrown at you. I hope that you can keep your chin up as you will get that much longed for baby.
    Thinking of you and J
    Jacqui xxx
  • I just dont get it, I might see if our appt can be brought forward cause I havent got a clue about what is going on with my body at the moment.

    How can I have +ve tests in Oct then when the hcg levels dropped I had a 3day bleed then a few wks later a 10 day bleed then again AF very heavy about 10 days with this tissue & the mc pains!! Can your body hold onto tissue that long when your hcg has dropped & then when they last scanned me all they could see was the vascular area in my uterus!!.

    Sorry I must seem like a drama queen of late every other wk theres a different problem & it's doing my head in!!!

    Thanks once again ladies xx
  • You don't seem like a drama queen at all! I would be as confused as you, I don't understand what they are saying either! I don't know whether a person can retain tissue when hCG levels drop, but my baby passed away at 8+3 and I was none the wiser until my 12 week scan, so perhaps it is possible.

    From my own experience I feel that you have to push and push the NHS to get them to listen to you. It sounds to me like they have given you this massive ticking bomb and then just left you on your own to get on with it. For you own piece of mind I think you need to start badgering them for answers.

    Take care honey

  • Hi Hun,
    I just caught up on what has been happening with you recently. I'm sorry you are having a rough time of it. I didn't want to read and run.
    I watched a really interesting programme the other day and thought I should share it with you..
    Basically it was on one the home channels on Sky and it was about women who have gone through difficult pregnancies (don't know why I was watching it, as I knew it would probably upset me but you know how it is!) anyway, this lady and her husband were on the programme after having 6 or 7 mc's!! They went through all the hospital tests and found nothing out of the ordinary. They then found this company who do lab tests to look for other causes of problems. The Lab ran some tests on the couple's hair and found that they had unusually high levels of lead in their blood and asked them if they had been around lead recently. It turned out that the couple had a hobby of restoring stained glass windows and although they were careful in disposing the bits they has obviously ingested some of the lead into their bodies. The lab prescribed a cocktail of vitamins to detox them and they fell pregnant successfully within a few months!!!!
    I'm not saying you have lead poisoning but I just wondered if the Drs had asked you questions about any other factors that could be affecting you?? Its a thought image I really hope you get to the bottom of this soon as I know how fustrating and painful this must be for you. We are all here rooting for you Laura. I don't know that answers about the HCG levels etc as that all still confuses me but you will have your baby very soon, just hang in there xxxx
  • Hi Laujai
    So sorry you are going through all of this.
    Hope you can get some answers soon.
    nettie x
  • so sorry you've got even more shit to deal with! def think you should try to bring your cons appt forward tho. You must feel exactly like me about wanting 2009 to get the hell outa here!! it's been horrible hasn't it. Hope 2010 is the one for you!!
  • so sorry this is happening. I also watched the show babyluv mentioned. As she said, it might be worth speaking to private fertility docs. I would be very confused by all these as well as the explanation from the nhs don't really make sense.
    Big hugs
  • oh my!! you poor thing, you have officially been dealt the mother load this year! lets all hope that 2010 is a better year i agree with gem 2009 get the hell out!!!!
  • Thanks ladies

    I also saw that program babyluv im also a sucker for those sort of programs!!

    I think i'll give the cons secretary a ring & see if they have had any cancellations. M&S thats what happened with our 1st pg we found out at 12wk scan but I only found out I was pg at 8 wks by the time we had scan baby had already died & started to dissolve into my blood as by then I was measuring much smaller. It's just so strange that I would only just pass the tissue on my 21nd AF since that last pg test drama.

    I agree ladies roll on 2010 & make us all mummys with babys for keeps xxxx
  • unfortunately they can! it was about 9 weeks after my mmc that i passed that 'thing', granted only about 7 since the hcg levels were -ve but i'd had an AF as well ehich you'd think would've cleared it but it didn';t! xx
  • So Oct must've been a new pg then & it took 2 months to pass. They said that my bloods I was having done at the time had showed that I had ov and that I had probably caught it then & mc early. Maybe thats why my AF have been so painful & heavy & lasting for so long. I wonder if that vascular area was something to do with it cause at 1st they thought it was a small sac!!!

    I swear I get more understanding on here than with the medics!!! xxx
  • I am so sorry you have had to go through this on top of everything else. I can't believe they didn't pick up on this earlier with all tests you have had since.

    I would be phoning the consultant every day until they will see you. You need answers and it's not fair to have to have to wait.

    Is there anyway you could take out some private health insurance to get to the bottom of this? Big hugs x x x
  • Thanks MP

    Im gona speak to my GP tomorrow I tried to call the cons secretary today but couldnt get through so I think after spoken to the GP I'll wait till new year now & contact cons again. We just kept getting told so many different things by various medics & were just even more confused now.

    How you doing sweetie all set for Jan & ttc xx
  • You poor thing. I know it's not the same at all but when I had my ectopic every dr we spoke to had a different view and you end up just completely confused at a time that you just need a straight answer.

    We could not get a straight answer about when we could ttc again, ranged from 3-6 months which is huge when you want a baby. I was so upset I called EPU in tears (they knew me well by then!) and insisted on speaking to consultant directly as I was at my wits end and demanded a straight answer, it's not to much for you to expect!

    I really wish I knew somebody to give you the answers you need.

    I'm ready for ttc, due to ov 19th jan. Excited but terrified but I know you will know exactly what that is like.

    Please let us know when you get to speak to the consultant I feel like banging on the door and pinning them down until they tell you what is going on! x x
  • Ahh bless you, your such a sweetheart.

    They seem to know me well at the epu they have always had one theory & then the cons had another so I just went along with him but the 1 thing that bugged me was that they had said I had ov'ed so I must've been pg cause I didnt get a AF till about 3-4 wks after all that pg test business. It is bad really cause thats been inside me for so long I couldve got an infection which wouldve made things worse.

    Glad your all ready & feeling excited about ttc of course it's natural to feel scared, completley understand that sadly me & oh are not excited about ttc so were not officially ttc just seeing what happens.

    Will keep you updated once I get to speak to them, hopefully by ringing in the new year I may be able to get some of the outstanding blood tests back as well. xxx
  • Just wanted to send some big hugs... xxx
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