Think Im over-reacting but I accompanied a patient 2 the x-ray department 2day and without thinking was in the room when they did the x-ray!!! I was behind the screen where the radiographer goes 2 press the button but Im so worried!!! xx


  • hun you will be absolutely fine!!

    one x-ray behind the lead, the distance they are from the machine even with scatter in the room, the chances of you getting a dose enough to do any damage is absolutely tiny. Obv you wouldn't intentionally do it, and when I was pg before MC I was going right out room and round corner just to be safe. But I take x-rays loads at work and I have never had a positive on my little safety badge, and coz we x-ray conscious animals we're often standing holding them on the table just with a lead gown on. I even once stood next to the table and took an exposure with no gown on by accident, and it still didn't register on my badge. The precautions are all just to absoultely safe as houses, but you really will be fine after this - don't panic!!
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