UPDATE - CONFUSED - CD10 - maybe tmi alert!

Hello ladies.

Im slightly confused! Im on cd9 and af stopped 3 days ago but ive been spotting ever since....i never usually get that! Anyway noticed early that I have loads of ewcm - surely I cant be oving already...ov is usually btwn cd 14-16.

Dont no if anyone has any idea what my bodys doing but will be bding tonite just incase.

Em x


Hi Ladies,

I posted the above last night and I am now even more confused at what's going on that I was yesterday. Usually my AF is about 5 - 6 days, anyway I am on CD 10 and as I said yesterday I had loads of EWCM and today it's very watery. This morning it was watery and brown and this evening is watery and red.

I'm getting slight cramps in my right side near to my hip, do you think it could be an ov bleed. I've never had one before so am slightly concerned that all this bleeding is going to mess up my chances of concieving this month.

I am full of PMA to the point where I keep saying to OH, I'm going to be pregnant when we go on holiday and he just keeps laughing at me....I am determined to prove him wrong. Plus we ordered are new car yesterday (a very nice nissan qashqaiimage - shame its on a lease and isnt actually mine!! :lolimage so I need a baby for the back seat have have a huge boot to get a lovely pram in! :lol:

Have any of you had anything similar - this is my 3rd AF since mmc in March and I havent had anything like this since then or previously - it's driving me mad!

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  • dunno hun, i have cycles normally about 26 days and i am on CD 10 and have had lots of EWCM today but not due to ov until Mon. Like you i'm gonna BD just in case so fingers crossed!!x
  • My cycles usually 31 days. The things our bodies do eh! Good luck hun x
  • Deleted as update has re-appeared!

    BE has gone mad this evening!

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