After 31 days of waiting I finally got my.....

Afternoon Ladies,

After 31 days of waiting and 2 BFN's I finally got my AF.....I am so please as its been 4 weeks since my MMC and I was beginning to think it would take forever. No symptoms just woke up this morning and temp had dropped to 36.3 and bang there she was but I for once, I was so pleased to see her!

That means that this month OH won't no what's hit him / all his xmas's will have come at once as the BD'ing serioulsly starts on AF buggers off! :lol: We werent really bothered this month so only done the deed when we felt like it!

Although my AF is very light at the moment, I do class this as CD1 don't I?

Lots of Love and Good Luck image



  • Hi emmaelc,

    Glad things can finally get back to normal for you. Enjoy the BD'ing and good luck for this cycle! xxxx
  • Thanks hun.hope ur well and its a sucessful month 4 us both soon image.

    We get married nxt I only have a few months 2 do the deed because I dnt want to b a heavely pregnant bride! I must be mad but if it doesnt happen then i'm nt gunna beat myself up about it as we can starting trying again just b4 wedding! So before long i'll b boring everyone with my wedding
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