Can I Just Ask....

Hi Ladies image
tell me to shutup if im being really nosy!!
can i just ask how long everyones been trying to concieve since their miscarriage???
before i fell pregnant i was trying for over a year and im just thinking it might be the same agen....
claire xx


  • Hi Hun,

    In total we had been ttc for 17 months, we had 4 mc during that time!!! And the month we decided not to try we conceived & im pg now, only about 5wks or so but hopefully this is a sticky bubs.

    Im sure it wont take as long this time and you'll have one for keeps xxx
  • fingers crossed its a very sticky bean imageimage
    i dont really want to wait another year again but my bf has a low sperm count. we dont want to go through with sperm injections and all that unless we really have too.... if it gets 2 a year again then i might have to think about it...
  • Hi Yummy,

    We fell preg on cycle 13 of TTC. M/c on 26th Jan, ERPC 9th Feb, AF 1st March (didn't catch before first AF).

    Now in our official 1st cycle now. AF due 27th March (Sat) have sore boobs so fingers are crossed!! xxx
  • good luck fairythalia!! image
    i went to doctors yesterday and i had a test done there and it came back negative.. for past 3 weeks iv had a positive. its been 4 weeks since my ERPC so im waiting for AF! really wish it dont come.. it will tho cos i had the negative test yesterday!! x
  • hadd our mc one oct 23, had to wait before doc. ok'd beding. it took 3cycles. i am very fertile though got preg. with my daughter 2 weeks after coming off the pill, preg. with son in one month , preg. with the baby we lost in month and preg with this babes in 3
  • we were trying casually for a year and then i got my cbfm and got a bfp that month, had a mmc found at 12 week scan, have now been trying since straight after mc and it's been 8 months. xx
  • Hi there, I have been trying for 17 months now image Had my MC in September. x
  • oh ok sorry 2 hear those that have been trying for a wile image i reckon its going to take me a while again! x
  • hi Claire,

    with our last pregnancy we tried on honeymoon (only had UPSI once as I chickened out afterwards!) and we amazingly caught first time. sadly that ended in mc end of Nov. We have been officially trying the last 2 months - looking at cd's etc, but from the New Year we were having UPS again.

    hope that makes sense?

    Hope it doesnt take long for you hun,

    x x x
  • yeah it makes sense thank u image xx
  • Hi Claire,
    I got preg in the first month coming off the pill in October 09 and miscarried over christmas image
    Only been ttc 1 month so far (ttc between 1st AF 6th feb, and then next AF was 18th March) but got BFN. On second month of ttc now.
    Good luck!
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