Clearly I'm a loony (but at least I'm a happy loony!)

Hello ladies,

I'm posting this here because I know that if I tell anyone in the real world how chuffed this has made me then they'd just think I'm a nutter. Sad thing is, they'd be right!

I got my smiley on a CBD opk today. This means 3 things (apart from the obvious, which is that I'm ovulating):

1) My hubby won't know what's hit him when he walks through the door in an hour.
2) My chemical pregnancy only knocked my dates out of kilter by one day.
3) I'll be on BE a lot more for the next two weeks! - I do try to stay away but the 2ww drives me nutty, I try to avoid doing anything that makes me obsess.

I have a lot of PMA (which is somewhat unlike me) as a friend of mine who mced a couple of months before me has just found out that she's pregnant ... so I do know that it's possible! I also had a lovely relaxing week last week, which will come as a surprise to those of you who read my somewhat negative post before I went away, so my eggs are all a-ready for fertilising.

Hubby had a basic SA and his results were very good, and made all the better by the fact that even though we hadn't BDed in the week before, they were still above average on all counts.

Is anyone else approaching the lunacy that is the two week wait with me?

Please send me lots of sticky baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky x


  • yay for the PMA image

    I'm in 1ww eeek. am testing on saturday. very glad I gave hubby all my tests, as think I'd be crumbling already left to my own devices - lol
  • Becky, if that makes you a loony then I'm a loony too!!! :lol:

    I am currently really chuffed that my last af was 5 days early, even though at the time I was well p*ssed off! It means that this month I will hopefully have my af around the 12th ish which would put my edd bang smack in the middle of September. What a crazy thing to be happy about, but I am very happy!!

    So no, you are not a loony, I totally get why you are pleased, and I am also pleased that you will be on BE more for the next few weeks cos I love chatting to you!!!!

    I am now catapulting a humongous wodge of sparkly Christmas baby dust over to yours. xxxSara
  • Thanks girlies!

    Gemgems - I am going to (try to) refrain from buying any tests until 10dpo - I couldn't buy them and give them to my husband or the poor lamb wouldn't know what had hit him when I started trying to sneak them back! I have everything crossed for Saturday. Have you managed to refrain from symptom spotting?

    Sara - whilst I am very thankful for all the babydust, keep some of it back for yourself and we can keep each other company at RBH's ante-natal classes image
  • Woo hoo for the humongous wodge of sparkly christmas baby dust! I have a feeling this humongous business is going to be v lucky for us all! x x x
  • Couldn't have said it better myself ladies! I am loving all the PMA and babydust, there's more than enough to go around it seems! Becaroo no you are not loony to be happy about the smiley face, we have all been there, here's another one for you.. image xxxx
  • bec I was determinedly not SSing, then last night had loads of dreams, and a weird flood of metallic taste in my mouth. strange...

    but hubby wasn't feeling good and kept going to bathroom, so maybe it was just coz he kept waking me that I remembered the dreams.

  • OMG! I just googled metallic taste pregnant and there are millions of hits. I'd never even heard of this before, so I can't have made myself feel it?! I wasn't doing too bad with the waiting, now I'm gonna be mental. It is a very good thing that I gave hubby the tests. Or I'd def be doing one in the morning. He thinks now he ought to be giving the (.)(.)s a very close inspection tonight!
  • Loving the PMA hun dont think we've seen you this so full of beans in a long time (no offense obviously). I think you deserve a super sticky christmas pud & fingers crossed thats just what you'll get xxx
  • Hi luvvie

    No you are not a loon or if you are can i join the club! I got a smiley on CBD OPK on thurs 26th on CD16 and am currently on 3dpo so officially in the 2ww although i think next week i will struggle!

    I felt so happy to see that smiley, it was a confirmation that my body was working somehow - make sure you post a test date on the Jingle bells thread!!! I'm counting on the girlies there to keep me from early testing, and hope that my willpower is as strong as gemgems, i think she has been a complete inspiration!!!!

    Jodie xx
  • hello bec, your are NOT loony!! i have been counting down the days untill i can test on the 11th-12th. good luck hun. baby dust to all!!
  • Hey good luck. Hopefully you're not actually reading this and you're away somewhere keeping yourself busy image
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