A not so sure BFP?????

Hi Ladies, I havent been on in a while and I hope you are all good.

Well once again I couldnt hang out testing untill sat/sun and done a superdrug test this morning & I could see the faintest of lines, Im not allowing myself to get to excited in case its not BFP. I also tested with a FR & had another very faint line, fainter than with superdrug, (bearly noticable)

I dont want to get my hopes up but its hard not to, will test again in a day or 2.

Have any of you lovely ladies had this and what was the end result?

I would have put pics up but my DD decided to bath my camera:lol:

Kirsty xx


  • Hey hun, not had this but didnt want to r&r!! How many DPO r u? I hope it is a lovely BFP 4 u!! xx
  • Hi Wigzy, thnx for your reply I am 11 dpo, im hoping that it is a BFP. Fingers crossed xx
  • Its still really early but a line is a line hun even if its faint!!! xx
  • Hi hun

    Nice to see you, like wigzy says a line is a line & as FR measures a higher level of hcg than SD that would explain it being a bit fainter. I agree I would test again in a couple of days & the levels should be stronger.

    Good Luck sounds promising hun xxx
  • Thanks wigzy & laujai, fingers crossed for me.
    Have had AF type pains since last night & am driving myself crazy with all this am going to try and busy myself today.
    Hope u r all ok xx
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