I want it to be me..

Hi girls, how are we all? is everyone coping..
I still have some dreadful days and just find myself in a constant bad mood at work LOL..

I am on my dreaded 2ww to test again and i just cant stop thinking about what if..

I really want me to have a positive when I test then, I know I need to relax but im constantly looking at the calendar, I swear its becoming an obsession, is anyone else the same way?


  • hi i really hope you get your bfp this cycle i have not even had first period yet so havent got a clue as to when my 2ww will be i think about getting bfp but know i would be in panic mode if i did i have had 2 bfn one this week and one last week and they dint hurt me as much as i thought they would i just want my body to get back to normal as im 40 i think it will be harder for me i just feel grateful for the 2 me and hubby have already . good luck x
  • Hi there - just started the 2ww today. Trying to stay really positive and hoping we've been lucky this month - its sooo hard isn't it.
    Sending big hugs hon.
    Koi x
  • hey, i just wanted to say that with time it does get less stressful and easier to bear, hopefully u won't have to wait to long! xx
  • thanks girls,
    funnily enough today I have been getting twinges in my lower abdomen where my uterus is. its been a week since I first have stretchy clear mucus, so not sure if this could be implantation. dont want to get too hopeful as it could be nothing.
  • Good luck hun! I'm testing tomorrow. Rocky is right, it does get easier - I mmc in March and have been casually trying since but this is our first proper month so I'm hoping for a BFP tomorrow!

    Try not to think about it to much - you will drive yourself mad and Good Luck!
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