FAO Sparkles

Hi hun. Just wondering if you have tested yet and if not WHEN?????

I am dying to hear your BFP announcment. I need something to cheer me up image


  • Hiya hun - sorry I didn't come online last night and missed your message.
    No I haven't tested yet, but AF is due today and as yet no sign and no usual cramps a few days before. But trust me you will one of the first to know when I do as you have been such as support recently.

    We are in the process of selling our 2 bed house as we will need a bigger one for when we have a baby as OH has a DS. We had a second viewing on it on Wednesday so I'm hoping we might get an offer in today.
    My plan is to tell OH about offer on house (hopefully ) and then say well its lucky as my Af is late.

    But if we have no offer in on the house then I will probably test tomorrow. Last time I did the test by myself and then told OH, but I think I'd like to do the test with him as I'm pretty sure I will get BFP, I just 'know' it, which sounds odd, but intuitively I feel I am (plus all the symptoms).

    I desperately hope I can send you some good news, but also hope that you will get some better news next week at the scan.
    Now I'm just sending 'buy the house' vibes to the viewer and hoping she decides to put in an offer!

    Take care hun
    Sue xx
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