Got my scan at 3.30...

and i am realy really scared!!!
After having these lower abdominal, lower back pains and irregular periods since december and after swabs and other tests i am finally going for a scan to see if they can figure out whats causing the pain!!

I got the scan at 3.30 this afternoon and am not allowed to eat anything 6 hours before i go, so was up early to get some food and a cuppa tea. Not allowed tea, coffee, milk or any fizzy pop either.

I am so scared at what it might be, i have read things on the internet and am shaking im scared image
Im scared they will say i wont be able to have children and thats my biggest fear in the world as i want a baby more than anything!

Emma x


  • Ah hunny i hope it all goes ok for you :/ Reading on internet isnt always good as some info cant be sourced and cant be reliable! So try not to worry so much (easier said than done i know) and if the worst happens we are all here for you but its best to know either way and then maybe something can be done and although it wont be the same as having your own there are always other options to explore to get a baby! Keeping everything crossed for you i really hope all goes well and let us know when you can xxx
  • oh hun hope everything goes ok! will be thinking about you
  • Good luck, i hope it all goes well, like Angelkisses said going on the interent can make you worry more than you need to because there is so much info out there that you can end up convincing yourself of the worst.

    Ill be thinking of you

  • How did it go??? Hope you are ok and relaxing after your stressful day. xx
  • i hope everything went well.. let us know x
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