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AF arrived :-(

Hi guys!
So AF arrived yesterday and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get a bfp! I got pregnant immediately last time, then had MC at 12 weeks, been trying again for 7 months.
Sorry, just wanted a bit of a grumble! I know there are people in MUCH worse situations than I'm in, but I'm feeling a bit fed up with it all, just want a BFP!!!


  • oh love xx

    shes a cow isnt she,

    you will get your bfp just pma pma xx
  • aww sorry to hear that!

    This is my fear as i got pregnant 1st month trying also but lost baby recently due to MMC - just waiting for 1 af and then goin to try again!

    Hope ur BFP isnt too far away...

  • Sorry AF arrived.

    I really hope you get a sticky BFP very soon.

    Take care, NN xxx
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