Think AF is on her way :/

Ive got a swollen stomach tender boobs and im cranky so i think AF is on her way which means we havent caught this month but hey im not getting too down its probly better this way then i will be able to accurately date pregnancy when it happens! Think Sam is a little bit gutted but hes trying to put on a brave face will be hard to see AF as last time bleeding was not pleasant! In some ways the MC seems like a distant memory in that we are moving on in daily life and i dont cry as much! The girls are settling with me as well which is also very helpful! Yet at other times the pain of MC is as raw as the day it happened i guess its the same with all grief tho right?
Big hugs to all those who have not caught this month maybe we will be the first ones due in 2011 haha!
Congrats and sticky dust to those who have gotten their BFP's this month!


  • hey, sorry to hear the cow is on her way, i found the first AF after my mmc really tough but they've got easier! and glad things are more settled for you! good luck for '11 ! xx
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