Not sure if I am ovulating???

Not been on here much over the last couple of weeks as I am going through a bad patch. Its 5 months tomorrow since my mmc and I still don't think I have ovulated since last Oct when I fell pg! My cycle has seemed more consistent than it was before and temps have risen a little but not much. I have been using my CBFM since Jan and have still not seen a peak. So far this cycle cd20 the monitor has simply showed lows. I did have a positive opk three days ago and my temp has slightly risen again over the last two days and I did have loads of EWCM from about cd13. Very confused and downhearted! Help please!


  • Hi muffin! I had my mmc around the same time as you and I'm feeling the same way. I'm going to get a cbfm and start using it next cycle so I can see what's going on better. I always knew when I was ovulating before my mmc because I had very distinctive pains along with ewcm but since I had a d&c I have none of the signs...except this month I had some ewcm but still no pains. It's so hard to tell what happening. I guess when our bodies are ready we'll get our bfps. Fingers crossed!!
  • Really strange this as I feel the same way. I dont know why. I had a terrible recovery from my MC and was bleeding for almost 12 weeks and had to go on some tablets to regulate the bleeding. I have finally had 2 weeks of no bleeding and strated TTC again, however I am counting my CD and I got a smiley face on CD10 and 11 and then no smiley face on CD12. I dont know why I think I am not ovulating as the test seems to show that I am........... but I just dont think that I am, before my MC my cycle was around 30 days, OV so early would put me around a 23/24 day cycle...........

    I feel like I am all over the place and feel like TTC is going to be really hard as my body is not working properly......

    I have just decided today that I am not counting CD, I am not using OV tests and I am just going to br BD when ever we get the chance, I really enjoyed TTC first time round and this time after the MC it has been awful, I want to go back to enjoying it again!!!!!!!!!

    So no idea why I thin I am not OV, just being negative I tihink. Whay do you think?
  • Hey Muffin,

    Just wanted to send my love and hugs

    Are you saying you have only had 1 and 2 bar readings on the CBFM but not a 3 bar peak? or have you only had 1 bar readings?

    Have you had any physical symptoms of ov? EWCM, or ov cramps etc.??

    Hope you feel better soon, not long until the end of term, I know this brings mixed feelings as you EDD gets nearer, but try and get away if you can, have you any holidays planned? And keep trying, don't give up kiddo!

    Loads of love xxx
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