Just gone and depressed myself :cry:

I was looking on you tube and came across the great sperm race. I watched this when it was on telly but didn't really mean anything as we weren't even considering trying.
I thought "oh i'll watch this, it might cheer me up and make me positive about trying again" but noooooo.
All i did was cry through the first 2 parts at the realisation of how hard it actually is to conceive!

I had a d&c in april and i just can't seem to get over being not pregnant anymore. I'm ok in myself and i'm looking forward to getting another bfp but it just seems so long away and i feel now like i've missed my chance of having a bubs :cry:

I'm just feeling sorry for myself i guess.
Sorry for the moan x


  • Oh Srus, sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Take it easy on yourself hun xx
  • The great sperm race is so depressing! You watch it and end up feeling like the task of TTC is impossible! Advice to those who haven't watched it...

    Don't watch it! :x

    Chin up srus2710, keep positive, it will happen, we just don't know when?

    Lots of love and PMA xxxxxxx :\)
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