How's everyone doing?

Evening girls

Bit of a pointless post - just being nosey and wondering how ur all getting on.

Im on cd20 / 7dpo and symptom spotting.

Boobies have been quite sorry to touch, not constantly but on and off. Also today I had to come home from work - had a real hunger on me this morning and by 11am was hit by an almighty wave of nausea and dizziness, after sleeping frm then til 5 I now feel hungover (i wish I had been on the wine, then I might have something to moan about lol).

If I remeber from pg b4 mmc I didnt notice any symptoms til after af was due. Off on holiday nxt saturday when af is due so a bfp would b lovely to celebrate while we are away!

Em x


  • Oh that sounds promising. The constant hunger is the only early symptom I ever get.
    Im on cd32 (usually 28/29 day cycle) and no sign of af. I have tested up untill yesterday and BFN. Im going out of my mind. I was all prepared for a negative as we did not bd much this month but now the witch is messing with me.
    I have no symptoms ie. no constant hunger, not much CM etc so I know im not pregnant. Just want af to come now.

    Are you going to wait till sat to test?

  • I think I may test around this time nxt week as our flight is at 7.30 in the morning so dont wana b poas in the! Im tryna stay positive as we bd every day for 3 days b4 ov, missed the day I ov'd and bd the day after!

    Ur not out til she shows her face.maybe u ov'd later than u thought and ur beans not ready to show its face yet!

    My dad used to tell me when I was young it only takes once 4 u 2 get pg -although when I think about it now its a like a flippin science! So don't rule urself out just yet.

    Baby dust to u and fingers crossed x
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