Morning girlies

Well took a superdrug test this morning and there is definitely a line! It's a faint one but it is there no mistaking it!! It still hasn't sunk in really, i am going to wait a couple of days and take my other CBD, almost feel like i won't believe it until i see the word "Pregnant"

Can;t believe that i am posting this!

Jodie xx



  • Congratulations hun xx
  • Congratulations, a line is a line!! x
  • Jodieeeeeeeeeeeeee, you are pregnant - the line says so!!!!!
    That is great news (breathes a sigh of relief..). Congratulations babe! xx
  • hooray!!! I will feel much better moving to due in sept now with a friend to go with. We can be bump buddies image image image
    when is your due date? I think mine's sept 11th. easy to remember! I know what you mean about seeing the word pregnant, I didn't really accept it was real until i got the cbd bfp. this is great!!
  • Awww sooo pleased for you huni, here's to a healthy and happy 9 months

  • Congratulations! xx
  • Congrats hun xxx
  • Wooo hooo! God love the superdrugs! Really happy for you Jodie! x x x
  • Yayyy I knew it hun, congratulations sweetie this is fantastic news, am very pleased for you.

  • Woo yayyyyyyy! That's lovely news Jodie, congratulations! xxx
  • yyyaaaayyyyyy. oohhhh a sepember bean!!!! i would love one of them! always thought it'd be nice month to have a baby, and not just cus i'm in the 2ww! lol. congrats xxxx
  • yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I knew it!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! it really is fantastic news hun, gosh you's really are all going to take over the September forum :lol: xx
  • Woo hoo! Congratulations Jodie, that is fab news xxx
  • congratulations, how long have you been trying for?

    i very happy you have some good news. make sure you keep us posted
    and lets us know how you are getting on
  • I am welling up with all of your kind thoughts, you are all so lovely and kind!

    Gemgems!!!! Bump buddies yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased i have someone as lovely as you to go through this with, i hope that we will not be alone in sept, i have a good feeling about this month. Going by my last LMP i think my EDD is 16th sept, which is the day after my brother's birthday! We have this thing in our family where people share the same birthdays!

    Lanea, i had a MMC in sept, which was discovered at my 12 1/2wk scan and had an ERPC on sept 4th. Thinking about it, it has taken 3 cycles for my cycles to return to normal length, and this last month we took the more "relaxed" approach, no POAS, didn't even think that we had BD enough this month! I have felt different this month, although it still hasn;t sunk in, can't believe that i am pregnant!!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Congratulations Jodie!!!! I am so so so pleased for you.

    Gemgems - I had totally missed your BFP so congratulations to you too.

    It must be great for both of you to be going through to 'due in sept' together. I will defo be g/c and checking to see how you both are doing.

    All the best girls and heres to a h & h 9 months for the both of you xxx
  • Glimmer - long time no see - how are you keeping luvvie? Thank you so much for you post!!! Nice to hear from you.

    Jodie xx
  • Hi Jodie,

    I know I haven't really been on much with one thing and another. My internet has been down since xmas so not been able to even pop on for a peek to see how everyone is doing.

    I'm doing well thanks. I'm now 16 + 5. I can't believe how time has flown by. I did have a difficult early pregnancy had 2 light bleeds and had early scans but all was okay....I feel so lucky.

    I will keep in touch. Will love to see how your doing.

    I'm so pleased for you. Best news ever xxx

  • Great news - congratulations. Big hugs xx
  • we're meant to be bump buddies, just look at our usernames. maybe I'll be late and you'll be early and we'll have babies on the 13th lol
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