Still waiting!!??!!

Hi guys thought i would update you all as to whats happening in my little world in the hope that someone out there could shed a little light on to whats going on. 5 weeks today since mc and after getting positive OPK on 23rd,24th and 25th of march, really bad period like pains for a couple of days and blood streaked cm ( sorry if TMI) few days after thought my AF was on its way and was getting back to normal but now no signs of anything. Just want to try and work out my cycle again. Anyone any ideas????? Feeling so fed up and down about it all just want to work out what my body is doing and get back to TTC properly!!! Sorry for the moan xx


  • Hi, the pains and spotting might have been you ovulating?? I think i have just ovulated and had blood in my CM and CM was like egg white which they say is a sign of ovulating. Also supposedly slight spotting can be a sign of ovulating too! Especially if you had a positive OPK. Did you BD around that time, you never know you might be pregnant!!!!

    My first AF came exactly 6 weeks after my ERPC, so maybe give it another week or so and if no AF and you were BD maybe you need to do a pregnancy test!!!!

    Let us know what happens

  • 5 weeks is still quite soon for yur body to be settling down and getting back into shape, it will happen, if you haven't had an AF since the mc yet i wuld start checking for ov after that so you don't keep stressing about what your body is now doing. just BD every other day if you still want the best chance. xx
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