Sperm meets Egg Plan??

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all well on this damp and miserable morning.

Having a little surf last night and came across this plan...... Just wondered if anyone has any views / experience of this?


Karen x


  • i have heard of this but personally haven't tried is as i have a cbfm and got my bfp the first month of using it b4 my mmc. now on to cycle 3 since then. I think the concept behind it is good though and it's gott a be worth a try!!?? x
  • I only heard of it a few days ago as there is another thread about it somewhere. I am definitely going to give it a go as it makes perfect sense and does tie in with everything else I have read.
  • Hi Ladies,

    I had been ttc for nearly 10 months when I came accross this plan, we tried it for 2 months and I got my BFP! I really think it works, it gives you the best possible shot.

    I'm going back on the plan in December (I had my mc in October and I prefer to wait a while).

    Good luck with the plan!
  • Right thats it..... action stations

    CD8 today so im gonna give it a go. My DH wont know whats hit him, he will think christmas has come early lol x
  • I am so glad I found this thread, as today just happens to be cd8 for me. I am definitely going to try it. Even if it doesn't work, atleast we'll have fun trying! Hubby wants to try it for a month without the OV kit though, so I am going to do the 35 day version of the plan. It sounds to me that it should work, but Im worried that it may be too much bding to have healthy sperm. I have heard that it lowers sperm count when bding too much or too often. But I will try anyhow. Good luck to everyone who is going for this plan! (and of course those who have their own plan as well). Sticky baby dust to all!!!
  • hhmm interesting. am cd9 today, and AF only just leaving, so think I might try it next month if no bfp this time
  • Ok. I have read up on this plan and it really sounds like it should work. I have read a ton of feedback on it and most of the women said it worked for them the first time trying. One post I read, the woman said she had actually tried for 5 years unsuccessfully, then tried this method and got pregnant the first month trying! I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I am so excited that I actually could get a bfp before my due date next month. I made my hubby promise that he will stick to the plan and he said he is definitely up for it! I will of course stay posted and Im sure the whole world will know if I get a bfp out of the deal lol. Thank you so much kazza for posting this.image
  • Morning ladies, Just a quick update to let you all know that we have managed to stick with the plan. CD11 today so i started testing with the OV sticks yesterday, no positive as yet but im not really expecting it for a couple more days at least.

    Just one quick question, i know before i had mmc i always ovulated around CD14. Do things change after a mmc or should i expect my cycle to be the same?

    Good luck and happy BDing!! x
  • I found this after I'd Ov'd but discovered that we'd actually done exactly what it says and... we got our BFP that month. Unfortunately it didn't stick but obviously some truth to it. Good luck.
  • So sorry to hear your news bleurgh. Thanks very much for the good luck wishes. Big hugs x
  • My dr said that your normal cycle should resume, but there's no sure time for when it will be normal again. Usually after you get your first AF after mc, your cycle might be normal again, or it may take a couple month. Mine took 7 lol but hopefully you'll be back to normal alot soone than that. I just had alot of problems I guess. Good luck with your BFP, hopefully this plan will work for us all image
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