help needed please!!! got 1 day to decide!!

hi ladies

i need your opinon and have only one day to decide!!

i had a mc at 9 weeks 7 weeks ago and iv come on!! i have pcos and normally have absent periods so im overjoyed that iv not had to wait too long!

now the problem is i have clomid sitting in my cupboard and this is what got me pregnant (took 2 years)
my consultant told me to hold off taking it while my blood results come back but i want to take it!! i will be seeing him friday week so il only be ovulating then when they get my results back and also theyll only put me on clomid again to help me fall again regardless of results. i figured aswell that if i do fall they will then speed things up so that i dont miscarry again.

this was my second mc and im desperate to start again, if i dont then i will have to wait for my next af and i dont know when that could be!!!! my friends think yes go ahead but i wanted to know what you ladies think or if any of you have done the same(go againt what consultant says!)

i have till tommorrow morning to make this choice please help!!!!

love gem xxx


  • tbh i'd wait hun, at the end of the day unless they find something out there's nothing they can do to prevent a mc, unless there was a specif reason and usualy there's not. i'd def be waiting and going along with my cons. i know how hard the waiting is honestly i do and so sorry you've had to go through it twice. the decision has to be yours though. xx
  • thanks rocky kiz

    I took the clomid!!! i have my app fri week so i will own up then, its just everyone had said go for it and the cherry on top came from my step mum(shes a paramedic and once midwife) she said that if i fall pregnant they will look closer into me anyway to prevent mc. i do see what your saying but i really felt it was ok to do this, thanks for your reply xxx
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