How long did you bleed for?

Hi ladies,

Just wondering roughly how many days you bled for after having mc?

I had my mc on Tuesday so started bleeding Monday night. I've stopped bleeding now, so that's only 4 days!! I was expecting to be bleeding for a lot longer and i wouldn't say that i was bleeding esp heavy either, just heavier than what my normal af would've been.



  • Hi I bled for nearly five weeks but I had a mmc so my situation is slightly different from yours. It was only mainly spotting as well. It seems that we are all different and I know of some people who barely bled at all. Hopefully if you're lucky that might be it for you and you can get back to normal

  • Hi hun, my bleed only lasted for 5-6 days and was heavy though nothing different from a heavy period except more clots (sorry tmi) My next AF also came right on time after my mc so hopefully you're going to fall straight back into your cycle too hun xx
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