maybe tmi but need advice

I had a complete mc start of June so has now been 3.5 weeks and I am still have brown/pink discharge.
Is this normal?


  • Hi macdoona, so sorry you're going through this, there's not much that can make it better. When I had my erpc i bled for 3 weeks and then it went very light and then stopped and I had a browny pink discharge for another few days. I think this is just the old blood. Try not to worry about it, you can bleed for up to 4 weeks. I hope it stops soon and then you can start trying to get back to 'normal' xx
  • Hi, Macdoona,

    A complete m/c can take a while to totally leave the system. I had a complete, then continued having browny discharge for weeks, sometimes there would be stringy bits (Sorry TMI) after a while it started to smell a bit and I got an infection, when they scanned me the womb lining was still a bit think so I ended up haveing an ERPC after 3 weeks anyway!

    Have you been scanned? Are they sure it's all gone? I hope your sorted soon! xxxx
  • hi hun, I bled on and off and towards the end it was just a brown discharge in my pants.. only little amounts.
    its really hard for you at this time.. I know its difficult but it will start to get better.
    I lost the baby 4 weeks today at home and then rushed to maternity unit..
    everyone is different with their bleeding but it sounds like yours is coming to an end.

    hope your okay.. come and chat to us if you need to.

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