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hey hun...wonder if u could answer a few q's for me?

i'm now under consultant care for a possibly ectopic as i'm pretty sure the hospital haven't got a clue what is going on...how and at how many weeks was urs diagnosed? i've had 3 scans now which have all been clean up to my ovaries so i'm a bit confused as to why they are treating it as ectopic? surely at 11 weeks i'd either be dead or in a lot of pain?

i seem to remember u taking the drug and having a success with it? if they decide to give me this as "a precaution" (if that is possible?) what should i expect from it? i'm hoping to not need much time off work!

also, were u getting pain before yours was diagnosed? i've had no pain at all (apart from imaginary ones since the word ectopic was mentioned)!

i'm back at the hospital for MORE bloods and tests tomorrow so wanna be prepared for the worst really, obv i know the worst would be surgery but trying not to think about that and trying to stay away from google lol! x


  • Hi,

    It's so frustrating all the bloody waiting and blood tests isn't it!

    Mine was diagnosed at around 6+5. I had bleeding at 4+3 and was told it was a miscarriage. thank god I did a peg test a week later and got the strongest pink line ever. A week of blood tests later I got a second scan, my womb was empty (never forgetthem saying that) and they could see a "mass" or "shadow" by my left ovary.

    I was absolutely no pain at all when mine was diagnosed. When I first raised it after reading another be post I was told "i'd know about it" if it was ectopic. Well I didn't know about it at all! I was no help to the consultant when she was tryingto find it on the scan as she kept trying me to figure out if I had any pulling on either side, which I didn't.

    Mine was def ectopic, my hcg was v slow rising and nothing in my womb. As my hcg was low anyway they gave me methotrexate (I needed 2 doses in the end).

    If I were you I would want to know are they diagnosing it as an ectopic or not? If your hcg is staying the same or slow rising it may well be.

    I really wouldn't want to take methotrexate as a precaution. It's a highly toxic drug that is given to cancer and arthritis patients. Some people report very few side effects from taking it but for me I was in pain. I could feel exactly where it was, whereas I hadn't before, it felt like tugging. It hurt a great deal when I went for a wee. I took too long in getting the codeine down me !I couldn't stand up longer than 10 mins without fainting and my blood pressure went very low and I had to spend a night in hospital because of it.

    It made me feel teary and exhausted for about 6 weeks after and you can't ttc for 3 months after it.

    I'm not trying to scare the living daylights out of you, I'm glad I had it as I needed it and it saved my ovary and tube. But it's not something I'd want to take unless I had to. Also nobody was honest with me about what to expect. the Dr said there were no side effects so when I got mine I was on the bathroom floor thinkingthat I was going to die because I had ruptured whereas if I had been told I would have known to have taken pain killers much sooner.

    After the injections I had 2 weeks off work as I was shattered and when I went back to work I was shattered by Thursday.

    I really hope it gets sorted, I know how awful it is to have to keep going back to be told to have yet another test. In the end I burst into tears and said that I wasn't going anywhere until there was a plan of action for me. This has been going on far too long for you and I would insist that they come up with a treatment plan now.

    If you need anything else please do ask x x
  • thanks so much for the reply...they are now saying it is NOT an ectopic and something to do with a trophoblastomis (????) lining around the sac which was stopping it from passing however on the scan today it seems to be breaking down so they have given me a week to pass it or i'll need a d&c next thursday!

    my hormone levels were 190 on the 3rd Jan, 600 last friday, 500 last sunday and 300 today x
  • I'm really glad it's doing down and am glad it's not ectopic. I don't mean that an ectopic is worse than a m/c but the methotrexate is not nice stuff if it can be avoided!

    I can't believe they've let you go on for as long as they have, it's a disgrace. I know for me it's usual to have to wait a few weeks with ectopis but a month and a half is just unacceptable.

    I know you prob just feel relieved it's being resolved but I would write them a letter when you're feeling stronger.

    We should have a precedent on here for complaint letters to EPU's the amount I hear of people being treated badly.

    Really hope you don't have to suffer (physically at least) for much longer x x
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