first AF after mc.... (TMI alert)

OK guys, pretty straightforward mc at 11+2 weeks. Happened by itself and all went in one go. Bled for about 2 weeks with 3 or 4 days spotting before and after. Finally got negative test 2 weeks after mc. Have been ttc again from when bleeding stopped.
Had strong ov pains 10 days after mc (which fitted with usual cycle) so expecting AF/BFP this weekend. Today have had very dark 'bleed' not a lot but enough to need a pad. When I have AF adn go to the loo, I can't wipe it away if you know what I mean but at the moment if I wipe a couple of times it's clean again. The real question here is that there are small lumps - extremely dark almost black and kind of stringy... like nothing I've seen before???? Is it left over from mc is it first AF is it implantation??? It's bizarre whatever it is!!


  • I have no idea hon - have you tried testing? Doesn't sound like AF to me. How long is it since you stopped bleeding from mc? Could it still be that? It's a tricky one, but I think if I was in your situation I'd do a test and see what that says in case it is an implantation bleed? xxx
  • Hi hun, so sorry to hear of your loss. I didn't want to read & run but can only really guess, I would say it's perhaps some tissue that was left from your mc, did you have a scan to ensure everything had passed after your mc? xx
  • my first 2 AF's after MC were totally different to normal. I usually start in the morning. pj's clean, but when I go for first wee get bit of red when wipe and know she's arrived.

    my first AF after MC mid morning whilst walking around I got a very big gush of blood, which if I hadn't been wearing black trousers would have been awful. 2nd one I got 3 days spotting before she came. only 3rd was back to normal for me.

    the lumps sound a bit like clots, so could be your AF and some tissue from mc coming out with it? I'd test if it was me, as I'd want to know right now if it's implantation!
  • i get this towards the end or sometimes the start of AF, and its just old blood mixed with cm. as with Gems my first few Af's were totally diff and all over the place! i guess it could be a bit of old lining now cominga away as the start of AF, i had some of that bit it didn't ocme away until my 2nd AF after mc!!!! xx
  • I had 2 scans, one the day after the loss which was clear - she suggested I'd not been pregnant at all until I told her how violent the loss had been! The 2nd was 2 weeks later and she was happy it had all gone.
    I had forgotten what AF was there so makes sense it could be bit's left from mc mixed with this shedding of lining d'oh!
    Has anyone had implantation bleed? Can it be enough to need a pad? Is it dark? Ever hopefulimage
    Not sure I'd be far enough along to definitely get BFP yet - about 12dpo

    Thx for replies tho ladies!
  • Hi hun

    Sometimes my normal AF can be a bit like this. Like the other girls say mc can throw your body off a bit, if your scan showed there was no tissue left it may be a breakthrough bleed I had one of these with one of my mmc & then had a proper af about 2 wks later.
  • hey there ,thrst af can be pretty does sound like left over lining from mc.implantation bleed should be very slight .but i felt so much better after the second af bacause my womb did a big clear out.i passed a big clot about six weeks after mc and have felt healthy ever much so i may be pregnant again but still not admitting to it till i get another positive next week.your body will need that two afs for everything to settle and womb lining thick enough to support a new pregnancy.i remember all i wanted was to be pregnant straight away but am sooo glad i didnt.i hope everything goes well and you will get there it just (dont hit me haha)takes some timexxxxxxx
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