could this really be it!!!!!!

Well I am almost 12 weeks since my MC now, I have had an awfult time trying to get my body back to normal, and was bleeding very irregular for almost the entire 12 weeks. I was put on some tablets to stop the bleeding for 10 days which they did and I must say, despite not being able to TTC as they were a contraceptive I enjoyed 10 days of no bleeding. Came off the tablest last Friday and started bleeding again with AF on the monday, which is what the doctor told me to expect. So Monday was CD1, I was getting worried yesterday as CD5 and the bleeding was showing no signs of stopping at all, then last night I had no bleeding, and I have nothing at all today, waited till this time to post just to see if I went all day without anything, no even any spotting......... so I have stopped bleeding on CD6, cant quite believe that I may be back to normal, normal AF and no bleeding now till next AF or BFP!!!!!

Still not 100% sure yet as my body has been all over the place, so if I get another totall clean day tomorrow then I will relax.

The best news of all is that I go on Holiday on tuesday, CD9, and going by my last cycle, which was 28 days I will OV right in the middle of our holiday!!!!!!!! Maybe it is fate!

Anyway, really hoping that I am now fully back on the road to TTC and join you lovely ladies...... any spare bady dust welcome!!!!!!!!image


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