OH MY GOD......BFP!!!!!!


i did a tesco test this morning and thought i saw the faintest line ever but told myself i was just wishful thinking, so i went and bought two FR tests (BOGOF in boots) and did one and it came up positve, the line was fainter than the test line but def a line!

i have brown spotting at the moment, and tummy ache which is what led me to test as i had implantation bleeding last time and i thought this could be implantation (god i hope so and not something else).

as you know i had a MC 4 weeks and didn't think i would catch straight away but i have, just so scared of something going wrong, as i am sure we all are after suffering a MC.

has anyone else got pregnant without having their AF and is it all going nicely?! are you having early scans - not sure if i will get offered one, but think i may pay for one - what did everyone else do??

sorry this is a long post!!!

wishing you all a merry xmas and happy new year



  • ooo congrats hun, that's fantastic news!! I'm trying at the minute after a mc without an AF inbetween so send me any spare luck you have!!

    I know how scared you must be feeling but try and relax and enjoy, my sister had a mc a while back and fell pg again straight away, she now has a happy healthy (and very chatty!) 6 year old daughter so that's just 1 example, I know there are loads of women had the same experience. You could ask in the baby section for some stories if it helps ease your worry a little.

    Merry Christmas and congratulations again xx
  • thanks for your reply, sending lots of baby dust your way and keeping my fingers crossed for you! keep us posted image
    thanks for telling me about your sister, certainly helps to ease some of the worry etc.

    merry xmas
  • conrgats and merry christmas
  • hi fids123
    That's brilliant news!!
    Enjoy every minute of being pg.
    I know it will be hard not to worry, but i've read loads of stories on the web of people who got pregnant straight away after mc and had healthy pg, so stay positive.
    Have a very merry Christmas
  • congrats fids! and merry christmas!!
  • Congratulations hun, what a lovely xmas pressie x
  • Hi, Im in the same position as you. My M/C started on 08/11 n found out I was preg on 20/12 with no 1st A/F. To b honest im scared n keep checking to make sure im not bleeding again. Havent started posting on due Aug yet either just encase. So I know what u mean. But congratulation and I hope every thing works out for u. xxx
  • What a lovely Chrimbo pressie! Congratulations. XX
  • thanks for all your replies and hope you had a good xmas!

    LC2RED, thats exactly how i feel, everytime i go to the toilet i am scared to look, i am sure everyone goes through that though! Massive congratulations on your BFP and lets hope they are both super sticky ones.

    lots of babydust to all who are ttc.
  • Ooh congrats - it's hard being on knickerwatch but you'll be fine. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.

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