Hello again! Please help

Hello again, i've not been on here for a while as been trying not to let ttc take over and hopefully let my body relax a bit.
I have however been lurking in the background.

Anyhow, i was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could help me.

Wee bit about me for those who don't know me/remember me.

I have been ttc since Nov 08, got my bfp in Apr 09 but mc at 8 weeks. Since then been trying again but to date nothing.

Well i decided in November to stop charting my temps, taking ov tests etc to see if that would help relax my body a bit so i put all that stuff away and just enjoyed sex rather than 'ttc'!

My last 4-5 cycles have been 31 days with my last period being 22nd Nov. I should then have been due to ov around cd 18 or 19 but think i poss ov'd a couple of days after this going by ov pains. On 31 day cycle AF should have been due 23rd Dec but if i ov'd late then af would poss be late too. On 23rd i thought she was on the way as i had a wee bit (brown stuff) when i wiped. That has lasted until last night now this morning nothing. I did a FR test yesterday morning with BFN so i now have no idea what is going on.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Sorry for the long post, especially as it is my first for a while but didn't know who else to ask.



  • Hi Lynz

    I remember you hun. It's tough i've had something similar but my body is still getting back to normal after erpc end of aug. I agree with your method of trying to take it easy & not getting caught up in all of the ttc business, I have conceived this way before by not using cbfm or counting CD etc.

    I wonder if the spotting couldve been a slight implantation if you oved a bit later than usual.

    If it were me I would probably try my hardest to wait till after the weekend & re test if AF hasnt shown. What test did you use? xx
  • Sorry to hear what you've been through too, its tough isn't it.

    I used cheepie tests then yesterday i used a first response so when that came back negative i assumed i defo wasn't pg and that AF would def be here by this morning. I just find it very strange for the last 4-5 months being exactly 31 days and now this. I know i have been more relaxed therefore my body may do different things but this is now starting to do my head in, lol xx
  • I can imagine hun, just when you think your body's getting back to some normality it throws a spanner in the works!!

    I've generally found that after I've mc it takes ages for AF to arrive but once here settles back into 32 days, the last too i've had since erpc in aug have been a good 10/11 days long though which is annoying!! I started on the 15th this month & she's still lingering on!!

    If you are pg maybe there is just not enough hcg yet if ov was a bit later. Will keep fingers crossed for you that it's a shy bfp (but not to shy) xx
  • good luck! i also keep my fingers crossed for a shy bfp!!
  • Hi LynzK
    Sorry you are having all this uncertainty.
    Really hope you get a BFP.
    Keep us informed!
    nettie x
  • Thanks for your replies girls but the witch got me yesterday afternoon, least i know know, it was the not knowing that was doing my head in. Oh well, on to next month.

    Hope you are all well
  • sorry to hear that.
    image hope you're ok
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