bfp no af!!

hi ladies, i am really confused. i started miscarrying just over 4 weeks ago and 1 week later had scan to show that nearly everything had gone just a tiny bit still to go. i carried on bleeding for a few more days and then all seemed to go back to normal. hospital had told me to ring to tel them my test had returned to negative 3 weeks after my scan. i tested just 2 weeks after and it was negative. i tested again today which is just over 3 weeks later and there is a faint poss!!! now im not sure if its a new positive or if it was never negative!


i dont know whether you are supposed to expect AF so many weeks after miscarriage begins...or bleeding ends...

i dont know if u will even understand this rambling haha


  • Hi hevmc,

    So sorry you had to go through the mc.
    Well its been said that your most fertile after an mc. Check out Suze19's post! I think its very likely!
    I reckon you should perhaps make an appointment with your gp to confirm.
    All the best!!!
  • Hi hevmc,

    It is likely you could have BPF again, I started my mc on the 19th of March, I stopped bleeding about 7 day's later. Then we started to TTC again.
    I did a few tests within 2 and a half wk's, I did some cheap tests which had a very faint 2nd line, but I did a cbd and that showed Negative, which was what I wanted to be back to normal asap.

    I have no idea when I had OVed, i had a few cramps and things so thought AF was on its way, got to 5 wks Friday just gone and I did a test which showed Negative, another Sunday Negative again.

    Because no AF and started feeling sick, sore boobs, metal taste I decided to test again on Wed so 5wk5 days after MC and it showed faint 2nd line, so went straight out and bought CBD which showed Pregnant 1-2 weeks. So got it all confirmed today. So since MC I have not had an AF.

    I would prob recommend you do a Clear Blue Digital, that way you are not reading lines, then go the Doctor's.

    Good luck hun.

  • thanks a lot ladies. i rang the hospital and they told me to wait a week and then do another test. if it is still pos then they are gong to arrange scan. im so confused lol xx
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